Gangsta Granny Theatre Show Winners

Well done to all of the children who entered the competition. The quality of the entries were great!

I am afraid that we could not accept all of the entries as we only had limited seats to the theatre.

We have notified all of the children that got chosen to go to the theatre – well done again.

The children who did not get chosen have still won some amazing prizes. These children will each receive a brand new book and £5. The money was given to these children today and the books will arrive shortly.

Again, a big well done to everyone who entered the competition. Very proud of everyone who took part.

The trip to Alexandra Theatre will take place on Friday 22nd October. The trip will take place in the school day but make sure your child arrives to school at 8.30am. We will be back to school by 3pm.

If your child has a school dinner, we will provide them with a packed lunch. If your child brings in a packed lunch, then please do so as normal.

Your child may bring an extra drink and a small snack.

School uniform is expected for the day and no money is needed.

It will be a great day.

Mr Patel


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