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  1. I really enjoyed the Romeo and the Juliet book because at first Romeo and Juliet are from different families and soon in the story they slowly become to like each other. Also Romeo and Juliet is half happy story and half sad story at the end when Juliet drinks sleeping potion to make she is dead but actually not. So Romeo thought Juliet had died so he took a dagger and stabbed it on him. When Juliet woke up she realised that Romeo was dead of the dagger so she took the dagger and stabbed it on her to next to Romeo. Sad news in the story when Romeo and Juliet both die at same time.

  2. 1. An example of personification from lines 1-4 is “mine [his sword] will be about your ears”. I know this because a sword, on its own, can’t be about someone’s ears as it can’t move about on its own.
    2. Mercutio feels ready to fight Tybalt. I know this because he doesn’t hesitate and threatens to attack Tybalt with his sword.
    3. Romeo goes in front of Mercutio to stop him and Tybalt from fighting but Mercutio is fatally stabbed by Tybalt from underneath Romeo’s arm. The script shows that in italics meaning that it happened.
    4. Mercutio is addressing Romeo and Tybalt as they from the Montagues and Capulets respectively with are the two families, or houses, that have been fighting for years.
    5. Romeo feels guilty for Mercutio because Mercutio being fatally stabbed was because Romeo thought it would be best to stop them fighting according to the text.
    6. I thing Mercutio will die from his wounds as he feels a lot of pain and asks the servant for a surgeon, which meant it was probably a very serious cut/wound.