You all have been asking about having a girls’ reading competition as the boys had one earlier in the year. Well…we have one for you!

This is open to all girls in Years 4, 5 and 6. The prize for the lucky winners is a trip to go ice skating at Coventry Glides at the Cathedral! What a fun and great opportunity this is.

There are only 45 places so make sure your competition entry is a high quality as we will be choosing the best based on quality and effort.

To enter this competition, you will need to read or listen to one of the below extracts from these amazing books.

You will then need to complete one of the activities. Make sure it has a lot of information on and it is attractive! Also, make sure you choose an appropriate text for you. Some texts are challenging so choose carefully.

1 – Design a front/back cover for the book with a blurb using the information that you have learnt.

2 – Design a new character that could be part of the chosen story extract that you have read. Write a short paragraph about this character. Some of this may be ‘made up’ as you may not know the character well. BUT it has to be relevant to the information that you have read.

3 – Write a paragraph/page about what may happen next. You may draw pictures too.

PLEASE make sure your FULL NAME and CLASS is written clearly on the back of your entries.

Please hand in your entries to your teacher by MONDAY 22ND NOVEMBER. Any late entries will not be accepted.

Any questions, please ask your class teacher or come and find me.

Good luck!

Mr Patel

47 responses to “Girls Reading Competition – Years 4, 5 & 6”

  1. Afreen S.

    I know u may not respond because this was posted a long time ago but if u did that will be great I was wondering if u have got my entry I done it before the deadline and put my name on it I am in class 5 red thank you

  2. Zahra D.

    I accidentally forgot to give my work in today, could I still bring I tomorrow?

    1. Zahra D.

      Is it okay to give it in on the 23?

  3. Ghazala H.

    I will bring my Monday tomorrow I enter

  4. Maryam I.

    I have entered and I will bring it in on Monday👍

  5. Tipian I.

    I will submit it tomorrow to mr mashford good luck every girl

  6. Hanfaa N.

    I have finished my paragraph for chasing danger and I will bring it in tomorrow.

  7. Aysha R.

    I have done my entry i will be handing it tomorrow.

  8. I have chose the book Chasing Danger and have done it. I will bring it in tomorrow.

  9. Elham S.

    I have finished number 1 number 2 and number 3 i will hand in my work on monday 15 of november.

  10. Aalya H.

    I’m so excited for this iceskating thank you

    1. Head Teacher

      Only if you win… so make sure your entry is good.

  11. Ghazala H.

    What we have to do in number 1-

  12. Ghazala H.

    I hope I win the competition

  13. Aalya H.

    I will enter but I hope I win

  14. Ghazala H.

    I will enter

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