Give me an example of respect.

Mutual Respect
Everyone is different and everyone deserves the right to be included. We will do all that we can to ensure others are included at every opportunity at Broad Heath School. Tell me how we ensure this happens at this school?

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  1. An example of respect is like 1 minute silence for the people who died. Respect is something that you earn if you respect others they will respect you back.

  2. We should care for other people and give them the same respect as us because if we keep on being rude we will get no where in life and also people will leave broad heath because there is too many bullies.(There actually isn’t)

  3. An example of respect is when if someone is being bullied out must go and help the victim and talk to them no matter what religion or what skin coulor you are you must go and help them and if it’s serious tell Mrs Raja Khan and she will help you .

    To make sure everyone is being treated fairly Mrs Frankish had made amazing sporting activities to make sure no has been left out and are all treated the same .

  4. We should care for our things and equipment because they will be no more if they are all broken.We should also respect the teachers by giving them the best of your ability in your work.

  5. An example of respect is, if there is someone who is scared and sad about something you help them. You do this even if they have a different skin tone or if the are younger or older, you can still try and help.

    To ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to do things such as play, Mrs Frankish has built: a golf course, an adventure playground, a climbing frame and a regular playground. We also have fake grass to play on and we have a bus (not to play in but it does have a slide). We also have a science pod to do experiments in it, in year six we dissected a sheep’s heart, it was very interesting.

  6. I think respect is when you are kind to all people and you keep your hands and feet to yourself . Also I think that mutual respect is when you respect all people and you don’t make fun out of skin colour m the way u look , religion and other things . This is because respect is that you always keep yourself to ur own body

  7. Respect is like you care for people and help people and when someone fell somewhere you would help them and you need to have kind feet and kind hands.

  8. An example of respect that is the most paramount to me, is the word PARAMOUNT.

    One way we can ensure that mutual respect is given within this school, is if we all respect each other, we are already virtuous at this but I think we can always excel and can always lunge forward to another milestone. I think that on the playground, not everyone excels and that makes me sad , but for the people that are willing to excel, I think they’re doing a great job. 👍

  9. Respect is when you always listen to some one and you are not rude and you are also really polite and kind.if you are rude your being disrespectful.

  10. I think everyone will be included in different activities because there are lots of them for different years and everyone is allowed to join in with anything.

  11. I think in my opinion we use tolerance and mutual belief
    In Broad Heath we make sure that we all follow the rules and have kind feet and hands our school makes sure we our all the same.

  12. In my opinion to show respect you should always help everyone.When someone is lonely you should always go up to them and ask if they want to join in with you.If they say no then you should always respect what they say because they might want to stay alone for a bit.

  13. We ensure we have respect in this school because we have school rules and the most important one is to do everything to the best of your ability which links in with respect tolerance and diversity.

  14. In my inpinion respect means to follow the rules and when your teacher is talking you don’t talk over them and also respect is to respect on their people in the school

  15. IN my opinion I think that if someone is lonely our is by them self you can go up to them and ask them what’s wrong or do you want to play and I also think that you should follow the school rules.

  16. We can ensure that everybody is included in school by having fair rules and equal opportunities. Really if everyone is sensible and willing to participate then everyone will have a chance.

  17. Help everyone and be kind no matter their skin colour or their religion. Don’t be nasty to them and show them respect. Don’t leave them if they’re lonely and cheer them up.

  18. I think mutual respect means if you give respect then you gain respect if you disrespect someone you will get disrespected back and have no friends

  19. If you give respect you get respect back.I think everyone should respect one another because if you don’t everyone would do the opposite ‘disrespect’.No one should disrespect and everyone should respect.Respecting people means lots of things like listening and being kind.I suggest everyone should be RESPECTFUL .

  20. Carry out an appropriate risk assessment:

    Assess the risk of children being drawn into terrorism, including support for extremist ideas that are part of terrorist ideology
    Make sure your school understands the risks that are likely to be relevant to your students and can respond appropriately
    Consider the risk to your students presented by extremist groups who use social media and the internet to recruit young people
    Talk to your local authority and police to get practical information to help you understand the risks in your area
    Build on existing local partnership arrangements:

    Ensure your school’s safeguarding arrangements take into account your Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) policies. LSCBs are responsible for coordinating how agencies promote and safeguard the welfare of children in the local area. They publish guidance indicating when a student should be referred for support
    Work with your local authority who is a vital partner for all aspects of Prevent work and who can provide further advice on Prevent-related issues
    Seek advice and support from the police service, civil society organisations and families and parents
    Ensure that your school has effective arrangements for communicating with parents/carers and families, as they can often be key to spotting signs of radicalisation
    Ensure staff have access to training:

    As a minimum, you should ensure that your designated safeguarding lead undertakes Prevent awareness training and is able to provide advice and support to other members of staff
    Other staff should also have access to training that will help them identify children at risk
    Make sure that children are safe online at your school:

    Ensure that your school has suitable filtering in place
    Equip your students to stay safe online both at school and outside
    Integrate internet safety into your school’s ICT curriculum, which can also be embedded in PSHE and SRE.

  21. IN my opinion mutual respect is important because you have to respect one another but if you don’t respect one another you won’t be treated nicely and will be treated like babies and I don’t think any body should be treated like THAT AND I ALSO THINK NO BODY WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED IN A BAD WAY SO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR BEHAVIOUR IS BODY S GOOD.

  22. At Broad Heath everyone shows respect because if you don’t you wont get respect back and also if you don’t show respect you might hurt other peoples feelings for example if you call someone a idiot they might not like it.As well as showing respect to children be respectful to adults as well because they are older than you.

    By Ismail Ali 6B

  23. At BroadHeath school we ensure that everyone is showing mutual respect by Sharing,helping one an author,having kind hands and feet,never giving up and to always give your best.

  24. In my opinion, WE ENSURE MUTUAL RESPECT happens in our school by making sure everyone is participating in all activities, to make sure no one is feeling left out.

    However, another reason how we ensure mutual respect happens in our school by helping one another, putting others first;when someone drops something we help them and we stand up for each other; if someone is being horrible, we stand up for the person who is being bullied and tell the bully to stop doing his/her shameful acts.

    ( Extra) Whereas, we need to make sure EVERYONE is having the mutual respect they deserve because everyone has the right to be respected and it is not a nice feeling being disrespected. A MESSAGE TO THOSE WHO DON’T SHOW RESPECT TO OTHERS IS: How would you feel if no one respected you ? and do you know how much you are hurting the other persons feelings ?, think about others!

    Last but not least, its very vital that we act selflessly in life because when we put others first, which is another sign of mutual respect, not only people will like you more but they will respect you!

  25. I believe that a good way to show mutual respect and ensure everyone is included is that at the beginning of the year, everyone should start off the same however, if another child is making more progress than the other, they should get rewarded; Behaviour also comes in therefore in my scenario, if the child making more progress oftenly is misbehaving, they shouldn’t get rewarded.I believe everyone starts off the same but it is up to them to push themselves and be the very best they can be.

  26. To ensure respect happens at school we make sure we are doing the thing so the little one follows.An example of this is not fighting in the playground

  27. Mutual Repects is when you be Tolerance, Respecting each one other being Kind to the Teacher.
    * Work together as a competent team.
    * Get to know you and treat you with dignity and respect.
    * Talk with each other and you about your care.
    * We Ensure this School by learning each one other.
    * Tolerance to people who is new from the School.
    * Kindness / Great teaching people.
    By ilhan.

  28. You respect someone if you don’t agree with someone but still try to understand the persons point of view. You respect someone if you don’t pay attention to what religion, skin colour or politics views he has but you look at the persons personality. You respect people by accepting them the way they are.

  29. When I was walking down to the adventure play ground yesterday I sore a girl from year 3 and she was being bullied so I went to the bully and toled him to stop and I told him about respect and tolerance.

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