This week we have been learning all about festivals. We have focused on Glastonbury and next week will be exploring Eid.

Watch our video about Glastonbury and write 5 things that you have learned underneath!!

Enjoy! The Nurture Group!


  1. 1) lots of people from around the world go to it.
    2) It is on a farm.
    3) people stay in tents.
    4) They have lots of toilets.
    5) It is the largest festival in England.

  2. There were lots of different flags from different countries. The toilets were huge
    And really smelly💩 There were lots of lights in the night time when the bands were playing there were millions of tents that people sleep in.Lots of people got lost and
    can not find there tent ⛺️

  3. I know that matyn went Glastonbury festival and he listened to Ed shereen and lots of drifferent types of song’s and camp tent by John larrey and he had food as well I hope he enjoyed it at Glastonbury 2017.I like the one when Rebeca and lyba were laughing on the betend rollacoster then Reece,ilhan,Sara were playing the guitar and they were smiling

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