Global Warming

Using your facts from the previous lesson please write an explanation text sharing information about Global Warming.


What is global warming?
What is the process of global warming? (How is it caused?)
What impact does global warming on our world? (Which habitats are destroyed)

Use your key vocabulary in your explanation text;
climate change     temperature       greenhouse gases
      rising water levels      endangered        atmosphere
gases          harmful      toxic     sun rays    increasing 

16 thoughts on “Global Warming

  1. Global warming is the increase earths average surface temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases such as carbon
    dioxide emission from burring fossil fuels or from deforestation which traps heat that would otherwise it will escape from the earth this type of a green house effect.

  2. Global warning Is heat and it is also gass to.the process of global warning is caused because the animals are endangered. The Thing that impacts global warning is that it has consensus.

  3. 1)Global warming is when the temperature increase the world because the sun is realy stong it comes in the world then lots of toxic gases are
    Produced so when the heat wants to bounce back it can not because the clouds are now thick and lots of heat is staying also lots of ice is melting there will be over time floods .
    2)It is caused By all these factories that produce toxic gases and cars and if we do not be careful . All animals are adapted to there habits but some of there habits are distoryed .

  4. Global warming is when the increase in temperature of our world because the sun is heating the atmosphere the heat is trying to escape but the atmosphere blocks the heat so it can’t escape. global warming is caused by factorys and many objects
    That causes toxic gas.the habitats that are being destroyed are polar bears

  5. A
    global warming is the increase of temperature in caour would. Global warming is cause by increase of aplainces such as cars gases,toxic,green houses ,grafity cans and dehodents.these electric gases cause are ate atmosphere to thicken and trap heat inside our planet as the Suns rays can not escape meaning the temperature increases.

    Global warming has increase

  6. What is global warming?
    Global warming is that the pollution makes the clouds thicker so then the sun can’t get out.CFC,Fuels can cause these problems too.

  7. Global warming is when pollution goes to the atmosphere and comes in again instead of out of the Earth.

    The process of Global warming is first pollution is produced from the factories and let up in the atmosphere then the atmosphere reflects the pollution back because the atmosphere is too thick.

    Global warming impacts our Earth by heating it up.

  8. What is global warming?
    Global warming is something that heats up the earth and it is also bad for some animals like polar bear’s because the ice patches will melt. Global warming is made by green house warming damages the world.

    What impact does global warming on are world?
    We won’t have any water left to drink.animals habitats will be destroyed and they food chain will be broken.more animals will become extinct.

  9. Global warming is when the world is to hot because of pollution.
    Global warming is caused by gas which comes from cars and factories.
    The impact that global warming brings is destroying habitats such as polar Bears
    Homes because there ice are melting floodsthis is bring a effect to the world.

  10. What is global warming?
    Global warming is gases that come out of space and if to much gasses come onto earth it could make it to hot so animals will die and plants will dry up .

    Muhammedluut and Dawson

  11. Global warming is increase in temperature of our
    World . Global warming is caused by An increase
    in the gases of toxic gas. These is happening because
    the pollution that’s happening in greenhouse gas and flood.

  12. What is globle warming ?
    The bad thing about globule waring is that animals can die because of temretures .Also spray cans are a tipe of green house gas , a mother fact about globle warming is the plants will all dry up and it will go misty and dark.

  13. what is global warning?
    the heatwill be to high and they be sun light every single day and we won’t have any water so we won’t live. Or the an animals because the snow leopard and seals and polar bears wil not live for long.

  14. What is global warming?
    Global warming is when green house gass makes a blanket around the earths atmosphere.This is normaly good but when there is to much green house gas it is very bad.This is caused by cars,factory’s,heating and cooling your houses and sprays.

  15. What is global warming
    The bad thing about global warming is that all the animals will die because it is to to hot.Also the spray paints can couse a deadly chemical in the air humans breath In.however it can make deforestation to spead and it can be very harmful to the animals that live in the forests sutch as the jaguars that live on the forest house gasses can cause the earth to go darker and mistiy.
    On the other hand it also is bad for the plants that we eat and they will all dry up

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