Global warming

After completing your research and reading the texts on your tables
Answer the following questions;

What is global warming?

What impact does global warming have on our planet?

What can humans do to reduce global warming?

What will happen if the world continues to get warmer?


Key vocabulary:

Climate change      Rising water levels       Deforestation        Habitats
           Human impact                    Heating               Cooling
Atmosphere              Pollution
Greenhouse gases           Absorbed                         Radiation

12 thoughts on “Global warming

  1. Global warming when pollution heats the sun combine and also global warming it heats up the ice caps which is melting ice in warming is a type
    Of gas.

  2. Global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally because of the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

    (1)Because of global warming ice is melting and this is resulting in rising sea levels.(2)Hurricane and other storm are likely to become stronger.(3)Floods and droughts will become more common.(4)Some diseases will spread such as malaria carried by mosquitoes (5)Less fresh water will be available.

    We can reduce global warming(1) by using reusable products instead of disposable ones and by recycling paper,plastic,glass and aluminium cans,(2) by buying energy efficient products that consumes less electricity, (3)choosing to bike or walk instead to go in car for short distance (4)turning down light when we are asleep and away from home (5)most importantly by planting trees :)

    if the world continues to get warmer the ice will melt and it will rise the sea levels because of which many islands will disappear forever.warm temperature will mean it will be more hotter summer , damaged crops and wood fire which will destroy many animals habitats .

  3. Global warming is when refers to the increase of the earths average temperature due to increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
    It effects our planet because of global warming ,some animals such as polar bears are having to live on one block of ice because all the ice is mealting that means that the water levels are rising.
    They could make less carbon dioxide and just work on the weekends so there will less illnesses and the climates will change over time because of all of this.
    If this continues we will get lots of fludss and people will start mealting.

  4. Global warming is when the Earth warms up and pollution is released from the factories and reflects back down from the atmosphere,all this Global warming is melting the South pole causing water levels to rise, and animal habitats being destroyed.
    Global warming heats the atmosphere and letting out toxic waste,this ruins the Earth.
    We could stop cutting down trees.
    In the future,if the Earth continues to get warmer the Earth will surely over heat which means

  5. 1.Global Warming refers to the increase of the earths average temperature due to increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
    2.It damages animals habitatis and is bringing toxic gas.
    3.Is to reduce deforestation and cutting down the trees.trees soak up carbon dioxide from the air ,so having lots of trees around is good for the atmosphere .
    4.Our planet will soon flood if this carries on.

  6. Global warming means that the temperature of the earth is increasing which means that ice is melting from the pole so the sea level is increasing. The impact that global warming has on some animals such as the Polar Bears habitats are being destroyed by global warming. If global warming gets worse in the future Humans will choke and have many more diseases. If the clouds get thicker the pollution won’t be able to escape the atmosphere. The clouds get thicker by pollution increasing in the world. Humans can reduce global warming by decreasing industrial factories. If global warming continues the sea level will be increasing which means there would be many more floods.
    By zade and Syed.

  7. Global warming is refers to the increase of the
    earth’s temperature due to increase amounts of
    greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The impact
    is that it ruined the animals habitats and this is happening
    because of global warming some animals such as
    Pola bears. One way to reduce greenhouse gases
    is reducing deforestation ,the cutting down of trees .
    The trees soak up carbon dioxide from the air .

  8. 1.Global warming is when the temperature of the world is to hot, compared to what it should be.
    2.because of global warming, habitas are getting destroyed. Such as, polar bears the ice is melting.
    3.They can reduce glow ball warming by using less gas you can do that by start walking instead of using a car there is another way by spraying less graffiti.
    4.The world will start to flood and a lot more people will die which means hardly any one is going to survive.

  9. Global warming refers to the increase of the earth’s average temperature due to increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
    The Impact is that it ruined the aminals habitats and this all happening because the heat of the global warming.
    Humans can change the temperature of the climate so Global warming doesn’t happen and it doesn’t ruin animals life style from living.

  10. Global warming is when the scorching heat from the sun rises causing the ice to melt. The impact on our planet is that the toxic gas can’t escape because the atmosphere is very thick, however a long time ago the toxic gas would have been able to escape, however because of increase in factories and deforestation, pollution has increased.To reduce global warming we could stop the factories to use gas because toxic creates more gas and it won’t be able to escape.If the world gets warmer the animals and humans will die because the is that hot it can make thing heat and melt. From Ahlam and Tiya.

  11. Global waming is when poullution and the heat of the sun combine and create heat.

    The impact that global waming does to earth is destroying the polar bears habitats.

    They can do to decrease by shutting down facttores and stop deforestation.

    What will happen is the earth will begin to heat up and the disenagate.

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