Goodbye, 3 Red.

3 Red, what a year! Well done and thank you for your amazing attitudes, wonderful, funny humour and your ability to turn anything into an adventure. You have all been utterly brilliant and we are filled with pride to have been your teachers this year. You have taken a very unexpected situation and made the best out of it. You’ve continued to gain and your can-do approach will take you far in life. Have a lovely, relaxing summer and good luck in year 4.

Miss Millar and Mrs Begum

22 thoughts on “Goodbye, 3 Red.

  1. I will miss you
    I had so much lovely teachers which are Miss Millar and Mrs Begum
    I will miss so much
    I had such lovely time with you but now is that

    • Turn that frown upside down Ayaan and keep smiling . 😊 Ayaan we will always be here you. Year will be amazing just like you. See you in September.

  2. I will miss being in the 3Red crew. I have learnt a lot in year 3 and i think I have gained a lot too. I will miss you Miss Millar and Mrs Begum. You have been the best teachers and supported me so much, Miss Millar has inspired me to be a teacher when I am older and Mrs. Begum is the best at making me smile and not feel sad about things. I will miss 3Red.

    • Kaila you are an amazing girl, continue to work hard like you do and will achieve your dreams. We wish you all the best for Year4 and remember chin up keep smiling , and do pop up stairs to say 👋. Have a lovely holiday stay safe and see you in September 😀.

  3. I’m so proud I was your student ,

    You have watched me learn & grow,

    We worked so hard and had such a fun,,

    How fast the year did go,,

    We had so many special times , but now it’s time to part,

    Just know that
    You will always have a place within in my Heart.
    Love Zaeem x

    • Ahh Zaeem your such a sweet lovely boy. It was a pleasure to teach you. Remember your always welcome to pop upstairs to see us. Have a lovely summer break . We look forward to seeing you in September 👍. Be good and stay safe .

  4. You welcome. It was a pleasure teaching you. Make sure still pop in to say hello we will always be here for you. Have a lovely summer break. See you in September.

  5. Thank you for all the support you gave to us and thank you for taking photographs of what we all did this year. This year has been great. I am hoping to see my friends again in year 4.

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