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  1. For me another memory was when we had fun at one of the space trips as i cannot forget the amazing activities that were planned for us, this makes me even more grateful for being in the best school in the UK! I would also like to especially thank Mrs Frankish for being a nice and funny headteacher as she chased my dad around the field!

  2. I’m so scared to go to Year 7 and I’m gonna ;( BUT I WILL MISS ALL OF THIS I HOPE YOU STAY SAFE MRS FRANKISH ! im so scared to go to year 7 i might make new friends

  3. Thank you teachers for the graduation I will miss my teachers ;( I had a fantastic time at broad heath primary school now I will be going to Year 7 and I hope I do good there and thank you Mrs Frankish for being a good head teacher AND THANKS ALL STAFF!

    • And I will thank you for my old teachers teaching me :) I will miss them so much and I have good memories of broad heath what I done here and I think I really enjoyed the graduation Mrs Frankish is the best teacher THANK YOU FOR THE FIRE 7 IPADS BUT I DIDN’T SET MINE UP YET BUT MAYBE LATER A BIG THANK YOU FOR MY TEACHERS AND THE HEAD TEACHER I have been in broad heath for a long time and I will have so much memories of my teachers here thank you Mrs Frankish, Mrs Janjuia and Mrs Sharma I enjoyed being with you and Miss Cochrane for this I miss Miss Cochrane she is the best teacher!! EVER THANK YOU GOODBYE 6R I WILL GO TO ANOTHER SCHOOL AND I WILL MISS MY OLD FRIENDS IN BROAD HEATH ;( ;( BUT IM SUPER EXICTED AND IM LOOKING FORWARD TO GO TO YEAR 7

  4. I have had a amazing few month not like any other school first time staying at a school for like 7 month happily I am very gratefully to be in this school with amazing teachers thanks ms Cochran’s thanks ms sharma and thanks ms Janjua

  5. I loved the graduation and I will miss Broad Heath when I leave ☹️ and I will miss all the teachers who have taught me, also thank you to all the staff and headteacher for what they have done for us and all the trips they have arranged for us 😁.

  6. Firstly I would like to say thanks to all the teachers at broad heath, I have had a fantastic time learning and achieving with you all. Next I would like to give Miss Frankish a special thanks for providing us such an amazing school in the first place, over the years I loved seeing the school change to what it is today! Again thanks Miss Frankish! Finally I would like to say I will never stop gaining!

  7. Thank you to all staff that made this happen.I spent 8 year’s at this school and it was mostly where i grew up and met new people! I’ll never forgett this memorable day’s at Broad Heath! Thank you Mrs Frankish for being the best,funniest head teacher! I’ll always carry these memories with me!

    Once again,

  8. I had a lot of fun in broad Heath I met new teachers, I met new friends which I’ve been friends with since I came to year 1 , where I started my BH journey. My favourite teacher was probably mr Wilson as he was very kind like the other teachers but I prefer him. My favourite trip was Drayton manor as it was very fun and scary at first I was so scared. Then I went on the little pirate ship which went up and down, I started to have confidence in my self so then I went on pandemonium and apocalypse standing as I wanted to do the risky and been brave. Mr Patel was able to see me go on it. I also make Ahmed go on it which he was very scared to go on it however I motivated him, now he is happy I made him go on it.

  9. Over the past 4 years that I have been at Broad Heath Primary School, I enjoyed our Dovedale and Drayton Manor trips. My favourite thing about Drayton Manor was the apocalypse as it was very thrilling and I overcome my fear of heights.

  10. Over the past 7 years that I have been at Broad Heath Primary School, I enjoyed our Dovedale and Drayton Manor trips. My favourite thing about Drayton Manor was the apocalypse as it was very thrilling and I overcome my fear of heights.

  11. Thank you to all the teachers who supported me throughout my time at Broad Heath. I would like to thank Mrs Frankish, Mrs Rullay and everybody else who organised our lovely graduation and our gifts. The fondest memory I had at Broad Heath was when our teacher in year 3 fainted and fell of her chair.

  12. Thanks you everyone all the staff for what you’ve done for us and thanks mrs rullay for the photos and graduation gifts.A Memory that I have from year6 is when we went drator manor we had so much fun there.
    Thank you Miss Frankish and all Staff.

  13. I have had a very nice time at Broad Heath, from the end of year two (when I came) to the end of year six. One of my favourite moments here was when we went to Draton Manor. I went on some of the scary rides but missed out on some too. I hope I can go there again in the future.

    • I had fun being at broad heath and I get to meet my teachers and staff very well thank you for letting us do the graduation and thank you mrs rullay for doing the photo frame they look so cute and thank you for the fire seven tablets now I have two. And thank you Mrs Frankish for letting us do the graduation thank you for everything.

  14. I thank Mrs Rullay for putting together our graduation photos and all staff who helped to make this graduation happen . I am very disappointed that I have to leave BH but I will never forget everything that BH has done for me through my life .

    A BIG thank you to Miss Frankish for helping all of us get all the things we have in Broad Heath since today and I will never forget you when I leave to go to Secondary . I will miss BH very much but I hope it will till stay as the BRILLIANT school it is . A memory I remember in BH was when our year 3 teacher Miss Kaur fell of her chair and I though someone dropped something .

    • I will never forget how you have traveled from afar to come to school and have never been late. You come with a smile and leave with a smile….magic!

  15. This video brings so many memories. I will miss all of my teachers and friends. Had an amazing time in Broad Heath. A memory that I had in year 6 was when we when to Dratyn Manor and I was so scared when I went on the pirate ship by myself.


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