Goodbye 6W!

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  1. Lexi S.

    I can’t believe it’s time to leave already I’ve loved my time at Broad Heath and it’s gone way to fast for me! Thank you to all the teachers Ive had from nursery to year 6 you’ve made it very special. Thank you Mr Carter for looking after me in year 2. I will miss all of you when I go. Thank you Mrs Frankish you have been the best headteacher for 8 years.

    My Broad Heath life
    I started with mum in nursery (Mrs Penevega)
    I left with daughter in year 6(Miss Vega)
    And had LOADS of fun in the middle
    I’ve made lots of great friends and memory’s to keep forever.


    1. Lexi S.

      Also thank you Mrs Raja Khan you have always been there to speak to and have been someone that is really easy to get along with. You never promise to do something and not do it 😃

    2. Head Teacher

      Thank You Lexi for bringing us lots of pleasure. It has been a privilege to be part of your life and I hope one day the famous book You started gets published! Xx

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