Goodbye Classes of 2022!

Can you write a message to your class teacher about the values they have shown this year and how you have grown as a BH citizen.?


Have a great summer, see you on MONDAY 5th September. Take care.


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  1. I am so sad that Mr Mashford left the school and Mrs Sander has shown so much kindness and she was my favourite teacher.

    Mr Mashford shown a lot of kindness

  2. I really miss my teachers in year 4 they were very nice and kind to me they were one of my favourite teachers but now that I’m in year 5 I have to go beyond my work in year 4 since our school mantra in year 5 is “the world is your oyster” and I will work really hard in year 5.

  3. Our mantra was creativity takes courage and our teachers show tenacity and kindness our teachers are so nice. It used to be a nice time in year three I loved all of the fun things. But usually my favourite subject is art.

  4. I have shown the values, of respect kindness and teamwork because I am nice am good And I listen to people who are talking to me. First I use teamwork because I communicate with the people who are on my table.
    Secondly I use respect because I listen to them speak.finally I am kind because I help people to Andrea and I help people to do stuff.