Goodbye from Miss Ostick 👋

Goodbye One Red, at has been so amazing to watch you grow and overcome challenges this year. You have all made amazing progress and I am so proud of each and every one of you 🌈❤️

Mrs Patel and I would also like to say a huge thank you to our kind and supportive parents who have been SO GENEROUS to us this week and last, it really means so much and you’re all very thoughtful. Your child is so wonderful and I feel very honoured to have taught them for the entire year.

You have all brought me go much joy and its been brilliant watching you gain at Broad Heath and I have gained so much from working with you all 🥰

Miss Ostick and Mrs Patel


  1. Can’t thank you enough Miss Ostick for your hard work and affection towards Hannah, we are extremely satisfied with her learning and development. Undoubtedly, you are one of the best teacher at BH and a very lovely person😊. Huge thank you Mrs Patel we are sure it wouldn’t have been possible without your contribution. We love you both❤️
    Hannah and family.

  2. Goodbye miss Ostich we all love you so so much Goodbye we won’t see you in September but we will see are new teachers because I’m so excited For Year 2 when your gone we will always be with you and love you! So much Goodbye!

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