Mrs Mattu and myself are very sad that we are come to the end of nursery journey.

Watch the clip below to hear our goodbye.

What was your favourite memory of Nursery?

We will miss you and we wish you all the best for Reception!


  1. Thank you so much for the patience that you had for my girls and teaching my girls what they had to know in nursery both gone miss you a lot
    Mrs Shergil and Mrs mattu
    Stay safe love Zenat and Hasnaa

  2. Amina was very very happy in the nursery and thank you so much for all ur teaching and help we appreciated it. Hope you have lovely break. See you in September.

  3. Thank you again for making Duaa’s nursery experience a wonderful one. Although it was short lived due to circumstances, it has shaped her into a confident, strong and intelligent little lady. She is now ready for reception and we wish you all the best. Take care…Duaa and mum.

    • You are more than welcome Duaa. It has neen a pleasure getting to know Duaa. She has made so much progress and I am super proud of her. I wish you all the best for September.

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely message. Maryam has had a wonderful time in nursery and is going to miss you all very much! Thank you Mrs Shergill and Mrs Mattu for being amazing teachers! Lots of love x

  5. thank you so much haris is going to miss nursery class and teachers. he really enjoyed his journey in nursery class. his favourite memory is Cinderella ball and costume day.
    thank you so much Mrs Shergill and Mrs Mattu for the beautiful massage. see you all in September. goodbye have a lovely summer holidays stay safe everyone.

    • Awe thank you Haris for this lovely message. You have picked some lovely memories and they will stay with you forever. Well day you have had a great year. Have fun summer and I will see you in September.

  6. Jasmine said her favourite memory was cindrealla 🎉 party.. she said she want again that party with all friends.. she was so happy to see both teachers today thank you lovely msg🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Awe that is great memory to have. It was a special day. It has been joy getting to know you and see you grow in confidence. Have a lovely summer and I will see you in September.

  7. Emraan is lucky that he has two wonderful teachers in the nursery, now he is sad because today is the last day of nursery and he can’t see his teachers and friends to say goodbye. He wish to see all his friends in September .
    What was your favourite memory of Nursery?
    His favourite memory in the nursery is the Cinderella party because he danced with all his friends and teachers.
    Best of luck everyone and have a blessed holiday with your family.

    • Awe, Emraan this is such a lovely message. You have been brilliant and it has been a pleasure to teach you in Nursery. I would like to wish you good luck in Reception and have a safe summer. 😊

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