11 thoughts on “Graham’s Blog for Pupils in Year 4 and 5

  1. It was better than amazing and
    Outstanding put together,
    Because they are very good.
    Also the foot ball club is
    Like cov uni because,
    He keeps fit and healthy.

  2. I think it was amazing because we were,
    challenged to see how many steps we could
    do 9 o clock till 3 o clock.
    Also we did amazing after school
    clubs and other fun activity’s.
    tat were fun and amazing.fitness

    • I know your Dad was very impressed with the after school activities sessions Ahsan. He thought that everyone worked really hard. The whole idea of walking as many steps as it would take to get to Weston Super Mare AND BACK was really clever. Everyone did really well.Thanks for the blog Ahsan

      • It was fun and good for the activity
        Cov uni told everyone it was brilliant
        Thank you graham
        Thank you mr Frankish
        Thank you cov uni for the activitie
        Thank you to Graham mrs Frankish ,cob uni for letting me take place

        • Mrs Frankish and myself appreciate your thanks Ahsan. The person who did all the really hard work was Emma and her team of students. Maybe you could say a “Thank You” to Emma when you next see her.I am certain she would appreciate it.

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