Graham’s citizenship question for all pupils at Broad Heath. Tell me please what think about our ” Brick Wall Team Award”.


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  1. I think the brick wall is such a good idea thanks graham and mrs Frankish because children like going swimming and like going on the bouncy castle so thanks a lot and congratulations 4R

  2. Janani – when I see 4R working together in PE with everyone helping each other I know that earning bricks to show that you are a team is very important.
    If you are not getting bricks then you are not working together. Keep trying hard Janani.

    • Janani I’m really pleased with your comment because that is what the brick wall is in all classes for – to make everyone understand the importance of team work and help them work as a team. Well done, keep trying hard.

  3. think itz good but to many bricks to earn itz quit hard for us not sure why we neaver won brick wall we were ment to win first because we are year6 and year6 are the best class in the school besides 6w are not the best we are

    • Isa – Thank you for you response.
      Who is the best class in Year 6 is not the most important issue. The brick wall is asking classes to show that they can work as a team in lots of different ways, so it’s important that everyone realises this.
      Also the brick wall team award is planned to last each half term – 6 weeks. There are 33 bricks on each classes brick wall, so to complete the wall could take 5 bricks each week AND that’s not too many in my opinion.

    • Aleem, I’m pleased that you were happy. I’m pleased that you won. But I’m not pleased that I didn’t get a lick of your ice cream (only joking!)

    • Its good that you think you are doing really well, because it means you think that you are working as a team. And thats what we want Raeesa.

  4. I also think the brick wall has had a great impact on the majority of pupils at broadheath because it helps children feel more part of a team and work together.
    But there is one minor issue…class 6s are not noticed as much because its like we are hidding upstairs.
    we may get bricks on the way to assembely or even in assembely but that is only 1 or 2,whereas if we were down stairs lots of people will walk past and notice.

    Natasha :-)(-:

    • I’ll answer your PS first Natasha – Yes I am feeling much better Thank You, and I hope to be in school on Monday.
      Your response to my question is very well written and I think that your expression ” the brick wall has had a great impact on the majority of pupils” is very pleasing and I hope that it is true.
      Your issue about being upstairs is a little misguided, I think because you haven’t thought about “The Stairs” and you haven’t worked as a team! If you get your act “together” as a class you could use the stairs to your advantage because if you go up and down sensibly and quietly all staff – Miss Saunders, Mr Mountford, and ME, could all give you a brick. BUT you haven’t done anything about it. Teamwork Natasha, what are you going to do about it?

      • firstly,I think I need to talk to my class mates and hear their opinion on what they would do,then I would disscuss what we think is a more ideal solution for the situation and then finnaly decide on something that will resolve the dilemma.But you are right and we do need to get our act together so thank you for your suggestions…:) :) :)

        • A good positive response Natasha. Well done. If you think about the situation : you are not going to move classrooms are you? So you have to make the”stairs” an advantage and not a disadvantage. As you suggest have a talk to your friends and see what you can do to make things better .

          • Again you are right about the fact that we are not moving classroom.I will tell you one situation that happened 3 months ago(or around that time)Everyone wanted a corridor brick and everyone one was working part of a team when one person spoilt it for the rest of us that was EXTREMELY unfair on all the children who did contribute and participate towards the earning of a brick…
            There is two more things I would like to add,
            *We could use the stairs as a “Brick machine”
            *secondly when we are doing P.E with YOU may we have a brick for getting changed,coming up and down the stairs e.c.t

    • Imaan – Thanks for your comment.
      I think that you are absolutely right. It’s easy to SAY that we work as a team but we have to learn to work as a team and to show that we can work as a team. The brick wall is there to help us show that we can work as a team.