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  1. i do gymnastics on sunday and saturday i can do flips any kind but not on the floor.i go bascitball practice only on tuesdays but not a real player and not in a real team just for practice.

  2. WOW!!!! I did not know that.That`s a fact that i`m going to lock up in my brain.Thanks a lot for that and by the way i`ve found this kind of other spotsmen.His name is USAIN BOLT.

    • Sarah thanks for the message.
      I’ll talk about Jonny Wilkinson first.
      This weekend Jonny Wilkinson won the European Cup for his team Toulon ( they are French).
      Jonny is the first English sportsman in rugby to have won the World Cup and the European Cup. He is the tops Sarah!
      And you say that you have found out about Usain Bolt……… oh my goodness. You have now discovered a very famous athlete. There are lots of others and maybe we could talk about “famous athletes” some more BUT there are lots.
      But Usain Bolt is the fastest runner in the world. See if you can find out his world record time for the 100 metres and then you can see how fast you can run a 100 metres!

  3. Mrs Frankish i googled him and i found some information about him for you to read.He is the best rugby player i know.I read the text and found that every match he played he won.Also he won a lot of trophies and money

    “Jonny” Wilkinson (born 25 May 1979) is an English rugby union player and former member of the England national team. Wilkinson rose to acclaim from 2001 to 2003, before and during the 2003 Rugby World Cup and was acknowledged as one of the world’s best rugby union players.

    He was an integral member of the 2003 Rugby World Cup-winning England squad, scoring the winning drop goal in the last minute of extra time against Australia in the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final. He then came back from several injuries to lead England to the final of the 2007 world cup. He plays his club rugby union for Toulon following twelve seasons in the English Premiership with the Newcastle Falcons. Wilkinson has also toured twice with the British and Irish Lions, in 2001 to Australia and 2005 to New Zealand, scoring 67 Test points in the 6 Lions test matches he has started. On 3 April 2009 at Guildford Cathedral, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Surrey for services to the sports industry. He announced his retirement from England international rugby union in early December 2011.

    • Sarah another great google on Jonny Wilkinson. Thanks for that. I would just like to tell you that he is one of the greatest “sportsmen” ever. So brave, so dedicated and a really honest man. A great role model.

  4. Ashrita Furman because she is the fastest skipper in the world on Guinness World Records also i like the most fastest tennis player who is called Rafael Nadal because i like watching tennis.

    • Sarah – Thank you for telling me Ashrita Furman . I didn’t know about her and will have to Google and gain some knowledge.
      Rafael Nadal I do know about and he has just returned to playing after having a bad injury. Do you know about a rugby player called Jonny Wilkinson. He is one of the bravest sports man ever. A great player who has overcome so many injuries. You can Google him too!

  5. i think roy jones jr or mike tyson, i think roy jones because eventhough he was a good fighter he was also funny. sadly he lost joe calzaghe.

    • Rizwaan – sorry for the delay in replying. Holiday got in the way. You are bang on about Joe Calzaghe, he did beat Roy Jones. He also beat Bernard Hopkins, Mikkel Kessler, who will be Carl Froche’s next opponent, and he also beat two good British fighters in Chris Eubanks and Richie Woodhall.
      I don’t know too much about Roy Jones but he is a well respected boxer and he is a good choice as a role model.

  6. I think Usan Bolt in the Olympics for running because he is the fastest runner, but I don’t believe that and I can’t tell you why(personal things in my religion).

    • Thanks for the message Irfaan. Usain Bolt is certainly a great athlete – I agree. I don’t understand the last part of your blog but if you want to come and talk to me you know where to find me.

    • Hi Laiba – I think that you you might have answered the wrong “Blog” but it doesn’t matter I found it anyway and thanks for sending me your message. You need to try really hard to win the ” Brick Wall Team award” so tell your friends that you want to win it and keep trying hard.

  7. Ellie Simons is my favourite because she has won 4 gold medals and she shows that anybody can do anything even though you are short :)

    • Hamze – What about the 5000 metres? He won that too. Mo Farah is definitely the world’s best distance runner. Talking about runners, do you know how many running races there are in the Olympics Hamze?

  8. i think Usain Bolt because ha is the worlds fastests runner and sometimes he loses and he never complains and never argues which make him a super role model

    • Hamzah – I really thought that there would be lots of votes for Usain Bolt but you are the first pupil to mention him. What a sports “personality”, and I’ve put the word personality in inverted commas because Usain Bolt is a character who has made track racing very popular and very entertaining. Good choice.

    • Amir Khan – good boxer, great example of a British Muslim.
      Messi – good footballer, great example of a fair and honest player.
      Wayne Rooney – good footballer, starting to mature and think about the role model that he should be as a celebrity sportsman.

    • Ismaeel – I agree Afridi is a very good cricketer. I think cricket is very interesting at the moment because all the sides that play each other: England, India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa are all capable of winning and beating each other depending on the players that they pick. Talk to Mr Mountford he’s
      our cricketing expert.

  9. I think my favourite is Frank Lampard. His has set all sorts of records and is continuing to compete at the very highest level. I like the fact that he plays in midfield and yet is the 5th highest all time premiership goal scorer!

    I am also a huge fan of Henry Cooper and Bobby Moore. I like to quotes from other sporting legends about these sports men. Muhamed Ali said that Henry Cooper had “hit me so hard that my ancestors in Africa felt it.” While Pele said of Bobby Moore, who was born in the same place that I was, he is “the greatest defender that he had ever played against”

    High praise indeed!

    • Frank Lampard, Henry Cooper,and Bobby Moore – what a trio
      of great British sportsmen. And the word “great” is often over used or used too easily to describe people, but in this case all three people are GREAT.
      Frank lampard, like his dad is a true professional. Not flashy, he gets on with the game and has learned to play football very simply, but effectively.
      I have had the pleasure of meeting Henry Cooper several times. He came to Coventry to present some boxing trophies at a tournament organised by my Dad and me for Coventry Boys Club.He was a true gentleman and a super guy.
      The picture of Bobby Moore and Pele standing together at the end of the world cup game between England and Brazil in 1970, to me epitomises the word “sport”. Two great competitors showing true respect for each other.
      Thanks for your comments Mr Harwood.

    • Eyaan – I agree. There are other great boxers that deserve recognition for their skills and bravery. Such as Joe Frazier one of Mohammed Ali’s opponents. He was very brave. And lots more : Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya, John Conteh ( a British World Champion ), Roberto Duran and another British World Champion called John H Stracey who won the world welterweight title in Mexico City, who I spoke to last week on the telephone.
      Do you know any other British boxers who have won world titles ?

    • Amir Khan is a good boxer Omar. Very honest ( with himself) and very, very fit because he trains hard. He is also an excellent example of a British Muslim giving creedence and status to boxing countries who have given him support.

  10. Victoria Pendleton because even though she is a bit old she still works hard and trains to become a world champion athlete and she never gives up.
    she took party in the cycling race in 2012 for the olympics

    • Sarah – the whole world recognises Mohammed Ali as ” The Greatest” boxer ever. And that is a huge acknowledgement of his skill, strength, bravery and character. Sadly, he is very ill at the moment.
      Good choice.

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