Graham’s Half Term Question

Hi Broad Heathens. We’ve talked about sports personalities and we’ve exchanged views about PE lessons in school.

Let’s now think about your class, the people in it and PE lessons.

My question is : Who is the best role model in PE lessons in your class, and tell me why?

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  1. Sarah – Thank you for the kind comments about Miss Peake and myself. Charlie would be very pleased to hear about what you have said about her. have you told her?
    It’s also very good that you try hard too. There is an old English saying and it goes like this : ” If at first you don’t succeed, TRY TRY again”. It means, ” just keep trying”. So – just keep trying in PE lessons Sarah and I’ll be watching!

  2. Also i think charlie is very good at running and she always trys in PE.I think i am good at some sports too even though sometimes i get things wrong.I always try my best in PE so i can get things right.

  3. I think it is Grahm and Miss Peak because they always help us with what we are struggling with,they be kind and nice.They are also excellent at all sports and that is why now they can teach us.I think it has been really polite and kind of them.So i would like to give you a big thank you!!!!!

  4. I think Lenny and Humayaan are because they encourage their self to a WIN.
    They are good ROLE MODELS so We need to follow them and believe in your self
    We also need to believe in our self’s as a TEAM and do it TOGETHER

    • Ahsan – Easter holidays and not easily recognising messages has meant it has been a long time for my response to your blog. SORRY.
      Your two class mates are good at PE and they both try very hard. You try hard too and that’s exactly how we should respond to any challenge that we encounter. Trying hard is great. Thank you for for your message.

  5. I think Leeny and Humayaan are because
    they are confident while working.
    They also are good team mates,team player,hard workers, and amazing role models.

  6. Alina – Thank you for your comment. I bet that if you try really hard you can also show what you have done. Why don’t you ask me in a lesson if you can show what you have done? I would like that .

  7. Charlie – Thank you for your comment.
    Both Zane and Hamzah have got a lot better at PE lately since they have been listening and not fussing.
    You are good at PE too Charlie, so make sure that you listen and don’t fuss too. Keep trying hard.

    • Isa – you haven’t said why you think that you and Ali are the best, and best at what ? Similarly you haven’t said what Haroon is good at and why Muhsin should get your vote. It’s easy to say ” I’m good” but you have to give reasons so that people can make judgements about your statements.

    • Miss Peake will be pleased that you appreciate her help, and I am pleased too Ahsan, thank you . Sportsmanship ( look at the spelling!) is very important and I’m pleased that you recognise this.

  8. I think Sarah Beik in year 6s is a good role model because she always follows the rules and is great at P.E.She always is on time and prepared for being the monitor of assemembely also she is a lovely person with a kind heart and bubbly personality that is why we are friends!

    • I am sure Mrs Frankish enjoys talking to you in her assemmembeliies Natasha????????? You will have to ask her about them!
      Yes Sarah is a talented athlete and she tries hard ( when she’s not chatting ). Sometimes we have to concentrate totally on the task that we are doing and you can’t do that if you are talking to someone. Most good sports men and sports women concentrate totally on what they are doing. It’s called ” being focused “

  9. I think Siraj is a good role model in P.E because he is a really fast runner and that is because he practises. Also Ciara is a good runner.

    • Imaan – Thanks for your message. Siraj is a good runner. He is fast and can change direction very effectively. If Sirag listens to instructions AND follows them, he will be successful at PE. Clara too is a good athlete and good at athletics and gymnastics.
      You throw and catch very well and are good at team games. Keep trying hard at running so that you get fitter and faster.

  10. i think that Ali and Eaan a good role models because they always try there best in P.E and they both have good skills like catching and throwing.:)
    i think that i am good at P.E TOO AND I ALWAYS TRY MY BEST TOO :)

    • Rebeca – Sorry that its taken me a little while to respond I have not been feeling too well and that’s why I am not at school. Thanks for your response. Ali and Eaan are both very capable at PE. Ali is very good, when he listens, and Eyaann always, always tries his best. You also mentioned someone else……… You!
      And I agree you are good at PE, especially gymnastics, but you are a good athlete too. It’s good that you try hard and I hope you keep on enjoying your lessons. I hope to be back soon.

    • Alyssa – good choice. I agree. Lenny and Humayan are both good at lots of sports. And they are good role models because they try hard and they are good sportsmen.

    • Lenny, you and Humayan are both good athletes who try hard. Well done.
      As to ” What are we going to do? A lot will depend on the weather and what is happening at school regarding the ” Building Work”. Whatever we do will be good fun though!

  11. about this thing me going in goal thingie when shall i try out is it this year or next year.i have been practicing diving and i can tell you now i have got really good at it even though it gets me all messy.i also think suhail is good at going up strike whilst playing football.he always is competitive and try,s his hardest at every sport he enters or does but i think when he plays with rizwaan he gets all silly and starts not doing what he is told so thats what makes him being silly

    • We will be doing some football next half term Chanelle so there will be chances to practise. If you think about it anything that you do in PE will help you to get better – absolutely any activity will help. Running, moving quickly on your feet ( to help with balance), skipping, throwing a larger ball like a football, kicking and trying to move in a balanced position. As I said in my earlier message – just keep trying.
      As for the other pupils, they too have to keep trying and understand what it means to ” Do your best”. It’s an easy thing to say but no so easy to do.

    • Siraj is what we call a “busy” footballer always on the go (and at 90 miles an hour!). He has got a good shot and when he listens he can do really well.

  12. i think atif hussain is the best pe person because he all ways trys his hardest and never give up.i also think he is the best person because he can really fast unlike me and he also puts 100% into everythink he does

  13. I think the best role model is Lenny and Humayun . Lenny because he encourages himself to win . Humayun because he is really good at shooting the ball in hockey and catching the ball in dodge ball . I think they are a really good team together :)

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