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    • Alina – its good to be flexible and its also good use your flexibility in gymnastics and dance and all PE activities. Keep trying hard.

    • Chanelle – Thank you for your comment. You move very well in PE Chanelle. You have balance and coordination which will help you if you want to try to be a goalkeeper. I don’t think that I would say that anything in PE is easy – but it’s good if you have the right skills for the right task.

  1. Pe report. Your learning skills and more and more skills report. You have to contributed with your learning. What are your best skills my best skills are balancing communicating ball. And gymnastic team skills agility body. What skills have you developed this year. I have Developed lots of things and I want to be a good citizenship like that all the time. I can throw and catch the ball I can reserving the ball.

    • Stefania – thank you for your comment. Throwing and catching a ball properly is a very important skill and I am glad that you have learnt to do it with confidence.
      Don’t be frightened to look at what others are doing Stefania and try to copy what is going on. Looking and learning is a good skill.

  2. Hello Graham,it’s me Zeenat and I want to reply to your question

    My best skills are balancing, team work and gymnastic . I have developed my finding spaces and passing and receiving skills . I put 100% of effort in P E .PE lessons are great fun . In PE we learn how to dribble and shoot a basketball .

    • Zeenat – I am pleased that you think PE is fun. I enjoy it too, especially when everyone is trying hard and learning new skills ( like dribbling in basketball). It’s good that you have improved your space-finding too. Keep trying hard.

  3. In p.e I am good at finding spaces and learnt how to find spaces properly instead of crowding around a corner or a space . I would like to get better at my agility in hockey and other sports . I have improved in my passing and throwing. I control the ball very well and it doesn’t get away from me . I always try my best in p.e because it is very thrilling and fun . I like active sports because there fun and you need a lot of skills e.g team work skills ,coordination skills and more.

    By Hamdaan Finger

    • Hamdaan- Thank you for your comment. Moving in a balanced way and showing good coordination is a good skill. So is finding space. If you can do this it shows that you are thinking and that’s good. Keep trying hard and always do your best Hamdaan.

  4. The skills that I am the best at are my passing with my foot, receiving and body control.

    The skills I have developed this year are balancing and dancing.

    I play for the football team.I have tackle a lot because I am a defender. I also am I the cricket team, we have a match coming up.

    • Hamzah – Thank you for your comment. Being in both the cricket team and the football team shows that you are a good “all round” sportsman and you should feel proud. You tackle very well in football and keep your eye on the ball which is good. It would be good if you keep trying hard with your running.

  5. Hello Graham its Gurjit here and I want to reply to your question

    My best skills are using a ball like a cricket ball and throwing them aswell.Im also good at passing and receiving and finding spaces this is because it will keep you fit and healthy.The best skills I’m good at is finding spaces doing the HAKR and throwing javelins and balls.I could improve my catching skills,I’m not really the best at catching a ball however I’m better at throwing balls and javelins.

    • Hi Gurjit – Thank you for your comment. Perhaps when you see me you can tell me where you practise throwing the javelins! It’s a very hard thing to learn and takes a lot of skill to keep the javelin straight in flight. Do you go to Mr Mountford’s cricket club? If you don’t you should because I think that you would enjoy it. Keep trying hard.

      • Thanks In for the reply I Throw Javelins all around the place Really!! Because I have a long garden I start from my door all way to the end.And yes I do go to Mr. Mountfords Cricket Club.Im not The best at catching however im good at throwing.

  6. In P.E we develop lots of skills.The skills I am good at are body control and movement skill when we are finding spaces.The skills i have developed this year are ball control and football skills.To improve on my skills I need to listen closely to what Graham Is trying to say.

    • Isa it’s good that you recognise how important it is to listen and to do your best to follow instructions and you have got a lot better at this – well done. No matter how good you are at football you can always get better and improve your ball control and dribbling skills. Even Wayne Rooney is still improving and getting better. Keep trying hard.

  7. Eyaan Khan 6s
    Dear Graham,
    In P.E we have done various activities including team games and individual games. These sports include football,cricket and tennis. I am an important part of the football and cricket team. I am the captain of the football and cricket team. I have developed my passing and receiving skills. Graham has helped me get better at my P.E skills.
    From Eyaan.

    • Eyaan – Thank you for your comment. You should feel really proud of being the captain of both the football team and the cricket team. It shows how Mr Mountford and I feel about your skills and your personality. Keep up the hard work and continue to “gain” from your PE lessons and very well done.

  8. Dear Graham,
    In the recent years, we have been learning how to play different sports. I have enjoyed the team games. My skills have progressed in these years. The sport I enjoy is cricket, which is held by Mr Mountford, in Broad Heath. Every lesson we gain new and different skills. At the start of every lesson we warm up our muscles. At the end sometimes we play games that we learn. P.E is an enjoyable sport for every one.



    • Thank you for your comments Maria. Mr Mountford will be really pleased to hear that you enjoy cricket so much. Have you told him? It is good that you recognise how important it is to warm up before taking exercise. We should also spend time “warming down” but sometimes we are in too much of a rush. Perhaps you could help by reminding me at the end of our lessons.


    My best skills are passing and receiving balls.This year I have developed particularly in my agility skills.
    In year six a few other people in my class and I went to the AT7 centre to work in a gym and developed our techniques .I could improve in my communication skills when needing the ball to be passed to me.
    I think I can make 100% effort next time.

    • Natasha – Thank you for your comments. It will be really good if you do make 100% effort in the summer term. I hope you enjoyed our visit to the gym at AT7 I did and it was good to see everyone working so hard. Try hard too when we are moving around the hall and finding spaces.

    My best skill is balancing and commutation.I have developed my ball skills and my team work in football. I noticed that I was not good at body control in gymnastic
    .I make a lot of effort in my p.e lesson because they are fun

    • Lewis – I am very pleased that you try hard in PE and enjoy taking part in lessons. I enjoy watching you because I know that you always do your best and always try hard. Keep putting in the effort Lewis and keep communicating.


    This year, I have taken part in many sporty activities: skipping, monkey bars, dodgeball and many more. I have particularly learned how to move at the same time with at least the whole year 6. I think my best skills are running because I can control my speed. I think I also need to control my accuracy on where to go when I’m running. I could improve by knowing when to get the ball. I.e if someone else is closer to the ball as I am I could run further away from the ball. I have put in great effort on my running speed and monkey bar control. My best sport is basket ball because I can find spaces around the hall.

    • Kaitlyn – I hope that you have enjoyed participating in all ” the many sporting activities” that you mention. I have enjoyed watching you take part and try hard. Well done Kaitlyn and keep trying !

  12. Dear Graham. Rashid Ahmed 6S
    In P.E we have been playing various activities including football,cricket etc.We have been playing individualy and with a team.You can learn lots of skills and gain
    More each day of P.E.I have learnt passing and receiving skills,finding spaces,catching and many more.You have helped me improve.Graham thank you

    • Rashid – Many thanks for your very positive comments about PE. I am very, very pleased that you enjoy your lessons and that you enjoy your learning. Keep trying hard.

    P.E is my favorite lesson at school.In P?E we play different games.We all work as a team and play games like football,bence ball and basket ball.
    Sometimes we play individual sports like dodge ball.In P.E my favorite skill is finding spaces. I enjoy listening to Graham and I like how he teaches us a new word or a thing.
    By Rebecca

    • Rebecca – Thank you for your praise and comments. PE was my favourite lesson at school too!
      I am looking forward to the summer term and hope that you enjoy your athletic activities on the MUGA and Tennis and hope that you continue to have fun while you are learning. Keep trying hard.

  14. YEAR 6S
    Maryam MEMI
    I have learnt various techniques in catching and receiving.Not only that also dancing,partner work and going to the gym.I can now catch the ball easily.
    I LOVE P.E

    This year,I have learnt many new skills and attributes.We have been particularly learning to play team games such as: rugby,tennis, bench ball and many more.I have gained from this by developing my team skills,ball and communication skills.I have enjoyed it and have learnt from it.

    Also we have learnt different types of dancing.One called the Hakka and one just typical modern dancing.I have learnt new skills from the experience such as balancing,body control and movement.This has been the best P.E lesson ever!

    • Hafeezah – thank you for your very positive comments about PE and PE lessons. You always try hard in and I value and enjoy your contributions both physically and orally to our sessions. Keep trying hard.

  16. Ali Year 6
    This year I have contributed to Broad Heath by taking part in lots of sport;football,cricket,tennis,rugby and many more activities.I’ve improved my listening skills and my learning towards P.E.In the future this would help me in many sports.i just would like to say that I love P.E and THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST P.E TEACHER EVER.

    • Ali – Thank you for your very positive comments about PE. I think that you have tried very hard in all activities and have played very well in goal for the football team. I know that you would like to play as an outfield player and I very much appreciate that you have supported the team by playing in goal. Thank you for that. You have improved your listening skills. Well done

  17. Dear Graham Suber Mohamed 6S.
    I would like to say thank you because I have gained different P.E skills.
    I would like to say a another thank you for letting me join the Football team.
    You help me improve by finding spaces,passing and catching the ball.You help me improve.THANK YOU GRAHAM. By Suber

    • Thank you for your comment Suber, and thank you for your “thanks”.
      I am very pleased that you have joined the football squad and you have made a valuable contribution to the team. Well done.

  18. Dear graham
    I would like to answer you on you’re question with my own point if view.
    P.e is important to keep us fit and it shows you’re talent and I think that I have made progress in my catching skills Which allow us to play many sports that I enjoy I also have made progress in not being afraid from the ball and now I can go in front of it . Communication skill is important for other sport such as net ball.thank you graham for helping me.

    By Sarah

    • Thank you for your comment Sarah and for your appreciation of PE lessons. You do catch a ball very well and you always try hard and get involved in the action – well done. I am pleased that you have recognised that communication in sport is very important. The best players are always the best “talkers”!

  19. Haroon shakeel

    My skill is ball and apparatus control.This helps me with team games like football.I would like to improve in football especially penalty taking. This will help me with my accuracy.

    • Thank you for your comment Haroon. You have good control when you dribble. But any person can get better at dribbling – even professional footballers. And it’s very easy to stop trying hard and improve your skills. What new dribbling skill (trick) have you learnt recently?

  20. Isaac Hurmuz

    My best skill is balancing.I
    have developed this skill by practising
    at home or school . I can improve my skill
    by doing more balance I Work hard and try my best


    My best P E skill is cricket because I am brilliant at batting. I am good at making my team win. I have devolpe my body controll skills. I could improve my skills by improving my catching techiniqes. I have made a amazing effort this year because I don’t run away from the ball anymore instead I make more of an effort to the ball.

    • Thank you for your comment Saniya. Does Mr Mountford know that you are brilliant at batting? You will have to show him. And I am very pleased that you have made an “amazing” effort with your balls skills and I agree, you have improved. Well done.

    My best skills are ball and apparatus skills because I can control the ball and I do not always get tackled. I have developed these skills by controlling the ball and practicing. I made an effort by learning ball skills.

    • Thank you for your comment. You are very good at controlling the ball with your hands in basketball.Dribbling with feet in football is a harder skill and you can always improve control of the ball – even if you are Wayne Rooney. I would be interested to know the apparatus skills that you have learnt. Let me know.

    My best skill in P.E is balancing because I have good control and I don’t wobble.The skill I have developed this year is dribbling the ball by moving around.I can improve my skill by doing some more gymnastics.

    My skill that I have improved in the year is movement control and lots more.I have made a bit of an improvement but I am willing to do better.i can improve by not messing around in the session and focus on the PE session more.if I could choose what to do in the session I would be happy If we could do more sport games instead of balances.

    • Reyhad – Thank you for your very honest comment. If you do try hard to focus and concentrate you will really improve because you have good skills and natural talent. I understand your keeness to do “sport games” and I will take your suggestion and discuss it with Mrs Frankish

  25. I have improved my balancing skills in P.E by hold my friends so he doesn’t fall onto the ground. First I put my feet on the ground and then my partner puts his feet on top of mine. Then we lean backwards and the balance is done. The skills I have improved are practical, communications and control. Yours sincerely ZAIN BAZ (6W)

    • Zain – Thank you for your very polite response. We might have a try at showing our partner balances again in PE because lots of people have mentioned them. You can show your ” one foot on each others” partner balance. Job done!

  26. Ameera Ahmed,
    My best skill in P.E is balancing because I am good at doing good and different
    kinds of balances.I have developed my teamwork skills by working well with a group or a partner.I could improve my ball skills by getting better at basket ball.
    This year I made effort by improving my body skills.

    • Ameera, Thank you for you comment. I am pleased that you ” made an effort” in PE – it’s good to try hard. I will look forward to seeing your balances if we try them again in PE.

  27. RAGDA. YEAR 6

    My best skill is badminton.
    I have developed this skill by learning how to hold the ball properly.
    I can improve my skill by practicing.

    • Ragda – Thank you for your comment. Well tried in badminton with holding the racket properly. And remember – in badminton you hold the ” shuttlecock” . ( It’s a very unusual word ) And a very unusual piece of equipment.


    I am Najdah and in p.e my best skill are communicating, catching and balancing.This year we have developed body control skills and agility.I have made a lot of effort this year but need to improve on keeping tensed in balances.

    • Najdah – Thank you for you comment. I am pleased that you have mentioned that you try hard in PE lesson because I completely agree. You do try hard so well done.


    My best skills in p.e are agility running, body control, team skills, balancing, gymnastics and all sorts. I have developed these skills by concentrating and keeping control of things. The skill I have developed this year is my movement skill.

    • Amina- Thank you for your comment. You have been very busy in PE haven’t you? Agility, running, body control, team skills, balancing, gymnastics AND “all sorts”. Well done for mentioning all these skills and don’t forget to mention all the hard work to Mrs Frankish so that she gives me a ” Teaching Brick”.

    My best skills are controlling a football and agility also I am good at blanching.i am very good at finding space and staying on one foot with out wobbling.In football I can get past defenders and take shots at the goal from a far distance

    • Muhsin – Thank you for your comment. I could talk about football all night to you, and the reason why we don’t win many football matches but I am so pleased that you enjoy it and that you stay after school to play. Well done

    YEAR 6W

    My best skill is balancing because for example if I stand on one foot then I put my arms out by my sides so that I can balance properly, I can improve controlling the football when someone tries to tackle me.

    • Thank you for your comment Paria. It’s not easy to play football when you don’t play on a regular basis – and you don’t. So well done for trying hard. Alishah talked about making balances too so it’s good that people have remembered the work that we did.

    In P.E the skills I have used are: gymnastic balancing, catching, throwing a ball, and finding spaces. My favourite activities are creating balances with a partner and playing tennis with a badminton bat and a shuttlecock. In P.E I could improve catching and throwing a ball using all different ways when having competitions.

    • Alishah – Thank you for your comment. I am pleased that you enjoyed making balances with your partner, and do you know I would really like to see all the balances that we made again because they were really good. Keep trying hard especially when we have competitions because its really easy to keep out the way and let others do all the work!

  33. Tatenda-6W
    This term in P.E I have made progress. My best skills in P.E are team skills and gymnastics. I have developed my communication skills with team mates. I would like to learn how to play volleyball.

    • Thank you for your reply Tatenda. Developing your communication skills in PE is very important. I would like to know the kinds of communication that you have made – what activities and who with. Let me know. And if we get time I’ll show you a game called Catch Volleyball.

    I am good at gymnastics because I can control my body. I have developed the skill to hold a badminton racket and control the shuttlecock. I could improve my ball skills by getting better at football. I make a lot of effort in my P.E lessons,because I find them enjoyable.

    • Saafia I am really pleased that you find PE lessons enjoyable. To hit a shuttlecock with a badminton racket takes great skill and we didn’t spend a great deal of time working at it.I wanted the class just to ” have the experience” because it is so very different. Keep trying hard.

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