Graham’s PE question for Easter.

If you could write your own PE report what would you say about yourself ? (Write your name and class in capitals as a heading please)


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    • Alina – its good to be flexible and its also good use your flexibility in gymnastics and dance and all PE activities. Keep trying hard.

    • Chanelle – Thank you for your comment. You move very well in PE Chanelle. You have balance and coordination which will help you if you want to try to be a goalkeeper. I don’t think that I would say that anything in PE is easy – but it’s good if you have the right skills for the right task.

  1. Pe report. Your learning skills and more and more skills report. You have to contributed with your learning. What are your best skills my best skills are balancing communicating ball. And gymnastic team skills agility body. What skills have you developed this year. I have Developed lots of things and I want to be a good citizenship like that all the time. I can throw and catch the ball I can reserving the ball.

    • Stefania – thank you for your comment. Throwing and catching a ball properly is a very important skill and I am glad that you have learnt to do it with confidence.
      Don’t be frightened to look at what others are doing Stefania and try to copy what is going on. Looking and learning is a good skill.

  2. Hello Graham,it’s me Zeenat and I want to reply to your question

    My best skills are balancing, team work and gymnastic . I have developed my finding spaces and passing and receiving skills . I put 100% of effort in P E .PE lessons are great fun . In PE we learn how to dribble and shoot a basketball .

    • Zeenat – I am pleased that you think PE is fun. I enjoy it too, especially when everyone is trying hard and learning new skills ( like dribbling in basketball). It’s good that you have improved your space-finding too. Keep trying hard.

  3. In p.e I am good at finding spaces and learnt how to find spaces properly instead of crowding around a corner or a space . I would like to get better at my agility in hockey and other sports . I have improved in my passing and throwing. I control the ball very well and it doesn’t get away from me . I always try my best in p.e because it is very thrilling and fun . I like active sports because there fun and you need a lot of skills e.g team work skills ,coordination skills and more.

    By Hamdaan Finger

    • Hamdaan- Thank you for your comment. Moving in a balanced way and showing good coordination is a good skill. So is finding space. If you can do this it shows that you are thinking and that’s good. Keep trying hard and always do your best Hamdaan.

  4. The skills that I am the best at are my passing with my foot, receiving and body control.

    The skills I have developed this year are balancing and dancing.

    I play for the football team.I have tackle a lot because I am a defender. I also am I the cricket team, we have a match coming up.

    • Hamzah – Thank you for your comment. Being in both the cricket team and the football team shows that you are a good “all round” sportsman and you should feel proud. You tackle very well in football and keep your eye on the ball which is good. It would be good if you keep trying hard with your running.