Graham’s PE Question

We have lots of new PE coaches, I hope you are enjoying your work with them. Please can you tell me what you have enjoyed learning so far?


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    • I am pleased that you enjoy the hurdles Sabiren. Its not easy is it? You have to keep your knees nice and high!
      I have ordered some new hurdles for our lessons which are lower so we should be able to do them easie ( and faster!)

    • Yes Khushi you do need balance in cricket- batsmen, fielders, bowlers and wicketkeepers. I bet the Umpires need to be carefully balanced too, to make sure they can see the incidents which they are judging.
      Cheers Graham

    • Kushi – Mr Morrisey is trying to show you that your footwork in any sport is really, really important. Balance and footwork – Cricket, Football , Boxing ( especially), Tennis. You name it – All sports need good Balance.
      Cheers Graham