Great Role Models

This country is made up of lots of fantastic people who give so much and care. Who would you award a medal to if you could and why?

PS-( It is great when people nominate me but I want anyone BUT me nominated please.) Get you thinking caps on. Think about: People in your family, your community, on TV, clubs you go to even at Broad Heath who give you time and inspire you.

8 thoughts on “Great Role Models

  1. One of my best friends, Haleema. Because she was my first friend and we were friends since reception and we still are and right now we’re in year 6 so we have been friends for 7 years and mine and hers friendship is the longest friendship that has ever lasted between me and anybody and although we will not get to see each other because we will go to different secondary schools next year, it’s ok because me and Haleema always talk to each other everyday about everything and I can definitely trust her, she is the bestest friend and I could ask for and she is really kind and not just to me but to everyone, she always tries her best and always follows instructions. 😊

  2. I would give a medal to my mum as she is very kind and she helps me with anything I need.My mum would support anybody that needed help even if it means putting others first before herself.

  3. I would choose by best friend because he’s very kind and very kindhearted and he always shares with me and he makes me better when ether I’m sad and he’s always takes it easy for me and what I like about him is that he nether leaves me out and he always lets me in and do stuff.

  4. I would give a medal to my mum as she always helps me in my work and sacrifices many good things just to see me happy. So I’d give my mum an award.

  5. I would award a medal to Leila and Aliyah because they are always kind, caring, selflesss, courteous and affectionate because they treat everyone nicely with respect, they always put others first and they are always there for you no matter what.

  6. I choose Mia because I was her first friend and will stay like that🤔

    Is a really motivational girl(friend)whenever I’m sad she comes to me everyday at school she tries her best to learn and be a good friend.The effort she does towards her work is amazing.Evrytime in PE she is always my partner and I like it. Her personality behaviour is so good even her jokes👍🏻🙂😉📝

    If your reading this your a great friend and pupil at Broad Heath primary

    From her best friend Fatima

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