Great World Book Day for 3 Blue!

Well, didn’t we have a great World Book Day, 3 Blue? Almost every one dressed up – you wore some awesome costumes, all based on Roald Dahl characters and you remained enthusiastic all day. Well done! I’d now like you think about our class novel, Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are at the part in the story where terrible, (but rather funny) things are happening to the Golden Ticket winners, as they are taken on a magical tour around the fabulous chocolate factory. (Luckily for us, Mr Anderson’s Golden Ticket winners have … so far … received rewards!) Take a look at a few of the photos of our day and then answer the questions below.

Why do you think these terrible things are happenings to the children?

What sort of person is Charlie? Is he the same as the other ticket winners?

What do you think will happen to Charlie?


IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0719 IMG_0720 IMG_0721 IMG_0722


4 thoughts on “Great World Book Day for 3 Blue!

  1. 1. Because these chidren are horrible.
    2. Charlie Bucket is a nice boy and not like them because they wanted a golden ticket and Charlie found the golden ticket.
    3.Nothing will happen to Charlie because he is a good boy and follows willie wonker not like he fat guy and the girl that was going to pop.

  2. (1 Charlie loves chocolate and he always wants to go to a shop that has chocolate he loves munching the sweetness out of them he is also a chocolate lover.
    (2 yes because he loves chocolate.
    (3 Charlie might get a entry to go to Mr willy wonkas factory and see the chocolate everywhere and get to take chocolate home
    (4 they might eat everything in the chocolate factory.

  3. 1.The terrible things are happening because it is magic.
    2.charlie is sort of a good person.
    3.yes he is the same as the other ticket winners.
    4.I think he might eat the sweet and then he might turn into a big fat blue berry.

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