Green School: Welcome and Council

Welcome to Broad Heath’s brand new Green School blog. We are sure you have all noticed the Bio-dome and the out-door maths area at the bottom of the school field, plus the exciting garden area being developed by St Paul’s gate. In the next couple of months, we will see lots of new things happening in these areas, everything from growing vegetables and flowers to science experiments, weather monitoring, exercise and lots of outdoor maths!

So, what does green school mean? A green school is one where we look after the environment and ourselves. We use these areas to their full extent and further our learning as we go.

Now, we need  YOU! This is your chance to get involved with these projects around school. We need some green warriors to help us make and keep our school ‘green. We would like one pupil from every Key Stage 2 class to be elected for a Green School Council. You will represent your class and help us shape how we use these areas in school, green school policy and how we become a more environmentally friendly school. This is a great chance to show leadership, communication and organisation skills.

Each class will hold elections during Week 1 of Spring 2, and we will hold our first meeting later in the Spring 2 term.

If elected, your duties will include:

– attending Green School Council meetings,

– helping the Green School coordinators and leadership develop how we use these areas,

– helping KS1 and KS2 recycle paper,

– leading clean up incentives around the school,

– leading research into how the school uses energy


  1. I love nature and keeping the earth safe. I think you shouldn’t just throw things in the bin like paper but actually recycle it so that it can be made into something more useful and something which can help us in daily jobs /Life.

  2. This project sounds so exciting. I would love to be part of the green school council. I loved the eco-warrior club with Mrs Cochrane and hope everyone at team Broad Heath can contribute to saving planet Earth.💫

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