Grenfell-Broad Heath is thinking of you

We are a caring community at Broad Heath. Today has shown this caring and supportive nature in action. Mrs Frankish had a wonderful idea and the children and families have supported in making the idea a reality.
Thank you for all of the donations


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  1. Well done Broad Heath on raising money to help those who have suffered and lost at the tragic events at Grenfell. It is wonderful to see everybody come to together and help those in need. ❤️

  2. I am really upset that many people have been injured and have passed away after Grenfell tower had caught fire.We should all be greatful that we weren’t hurt and we are all safe.

  3. I hope all the people who were affected at gremfell tower has a greater future and have shelter,food and jobs.The people who died should be remembered as great people and should never be forgotten.

  4. This truly was a tragic and heartbreaking event. I am so proud of all the Broad Heath children for raising money to help and support people at this time of need. You have shown tremendous British Values, well done!

  5. This is was a sad moment when it fell because people lost their family some people died in there and did not have a opportunity to have a longer life span and we should be gratefully we have a school like this. And also we are very thoughtful because we ALL as a TEAM gathered money to give to charity for the people that died we all think of them.😥😢😭💔

  6. What happened at Grenfell Tower was a tragic accident and our thoughts go to those who lost their lives, their family and their home. This must be unbearably hard on them and we want you to know that you have our support and we all have your backs.

    By Mia and Anna