Growth mindset-day 3!

Year 6 continued with their growth mindset workshop today. We were privileged to have the lovely Jenna return to help us develop our understanding of growth mindset. Our day began by remembering what fixed growth mindset was and what growth mindset was. We all agreed that by having a growth mindset we would always continue to make progress and gain in whatever we wanted to achieve.

The children continued to watch video clips and complete practical tasks to enforce what they had just watched. In today’s session the children learnt about how social media can play a role in influencing our lives both in a positive and negative manner. To further develop our understanding of how social media can impact our lives we completed a role play activity where we were given different scenarios to consider. By completing this activity we were able to really consider what would be the “right thing” to do to ensure we kept ourselves safe on social media.

Our final task was to consider what we can do to help ourselves to feel happy. Social media can sometimes make people feel insecure about themselves so we discussed what actions we can implement to help us feel great about ourselves!

One thought on “Growth mindset-day 3!

  1. This seems like a fun day. It is very true that social media can make people insecure because people can make fun of others by posting embarrassing videos online and stuff like that.

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