Growth mindset vs fixed mindset-day 2!

Today year 6 continued with their workshop on growth mindset arranged and delivered by the lovely Jenna Hyde ( Class of Hyde ).The workshop is based on four days of learning, where we get to explore the concepts of both growth and fixed. Our day was broken up by watching video clips and doing practical tasks to enforce what we had just watched. In today’s session the children learnt about confidence and what they can do to improve their self confidence. Furthermore to develop their confidence skills the children were encouraged to stand and address their audience in providing feedback for each task they completed.

One of their tasks was to think about a role model who aspires them to keep trying to achieve their personal goals. Using pic college on the iPads the children described who their role model was and why they had chosen this particular person. Following this the children created their own certificates to highlight their positive attributes. This was an interesting activity as the children had to really think about how they have made an effort to help others and share positivity!

Creating our very own motivational quote poster:

Next our task was to create affirmation cards which would support our journey in achieving our smart goals! Furthermore we discussed how our body language can play a factor into our success. Having confident body language will not only give us a boost but it tells the people around us that we know exactly what we want to achieve and we mean business!

We hope you all enjoyed the first two days of this workshop. It was lovely to see all the children engaged with the activities and personally gaining from the experience.

What will you take away with you from this workshop? How have you gained and made progress in the last two days?

14 thoughts on “Growth mindset vs fixed mindset-day 2!

  1. We were doing affirmations cards and that made me have more confidence writing things about me and i could write good things about my self.

  2. I have taken away that you need to stop your negative thoughts and think positively about your self.Also I learnt a self limiting belief is something negative you think about what you can do.

  3. During this workshop I have gained more confidence to stand in front of large groups of people and speak clearly with good posture and body language. In the last two days we have created affirmation cards and posters on growth and fixed mindsets which we stuck on our large coloured paper which will be full by the end of our mindset days.

  4. In the last two days, I have learnt what a growth and fixed mindset is. A growth mindset is when you challenge yourself and you go beyond your comfort zone. A fixed mindset is when you stay in your comfort zone and say ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I give up’

  5. I have learnt how to be even more confident and the how to sense if someone is confident or not for example if someone is not confident they would have their head down and not have a straight back.

  6. What will you take away with you from this workshop?How have you gained and made progress in the last two days?
    I have learnt to never give up even though you think you can’t do it and have a growth mindset.I have gained confidence.

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