On Monday, children learnt about Growth Mindset. They understood that when:

This is the attitude one should have when challenges arise in life. This can be at school or in your personal life. 
To explore Growth Mindset and applying positive thinking and a positive mental attitude, children worked in teams to complete a range of tasks, activities and puzzles. 

Understanding Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Connect 4 

Playing Jenga with cubes by challenging one another and listening to instructions 

Persuading Horrid Henry to go to school by writing a letter on the blog. 

Playing Jenga in pairs 

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  1. I loved learning about a growth mindset an a fixed mindset.

    My favourite activity was jenja because I tryed really hard to score but I never.

    Growth mindset – a growth mindset is when you never give up and if you couldn’t to anything you can try try again.

    Fixed mindset – means when you always say I can’t do it or I don’t want to do it or I hate this game its something like that.

    Writing a letter to horrid henry is fun because we persuaded hi. So that he cold lime school and have a growth mindset.