*G+T KS2 Art Club*

Our G+T Art Club have been busy over the past two weeks. The children have been working hard to develop different skills and have tried hard to learn and develop new skills.

Week 1 – Observational Drawings

The children have been developing their observational drawing skills. They chose an artifact to sketch and used cue cards to help develop their independent observational skills. The children started off by looking at the artifacts and touching them to feel the different textures. They then used different grades of sketching pencils to carefully sketch what they could see.

The children remembered the observational drawing key points:

  • Keep checking.
  • Detail.
  • Frame.
  • Scale.
  • Perspective.
  • Texture.
  • Light and Shade.

Take a look at some of their work…


Week 2 – Batik

The children have had the opportunity to explore ‘Batik’ this week.

Batik is when you use hot wax to make patterns and designs and then use ink and paint dye it.

The children used hot wax to make their own patterns and pictures. They then used ink and paint to add colour effects to their art work.

Take a look at some of their work…




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  1. Your all working really hard with your pieces of art work and it was a pleasure to watch you helping one another if you were struggling. We’ll done guys your all doing really well.

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