G+T KS2 Art Club

This week at Art Club the children have been looking at Henri Matisse’s art. They have been looking at ‘cutouts’ and have begun to explore this piece of art.


Capture Capture2

The children have been looking at the different shapes they can see in the body. They posed for each other to sketch in a Matisse style while holding their bodies in different positions.

They explored the use of wire to create different body positions and movements including hand stands, kicking a ball and even doing the splits!

Some of the children have also begun to sculpt large scale models of people in different positions which they will continue to work on next week to contribute to whole group sculptures.

Take a look at their work from this week below…

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  1. I enjoy art club . We have so many opportunities to show what we can really do. Our wire figures looked fantastic when they were finished. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

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