Guess the 2D Shape?

This term in Reception are learning all about 2D shapes.

In the animation below Phoenix is juggling lots 2D shapes.



1. How many 2D shapes is Phoenix juggling?

2. Can you name all the 2D shapes?

3. Choose 2 shapes and describe them. How many sides, faces and corners do they have?

A prize will be given if  you answer the questions correctly.


4 thoughts on “Guess the 2D Shape?

  1. Phoenix says,
    1. There are 5 shapes. A square, a triangle, a cicle, a star and a hexagon.
    2. The red suare has 4 sides all of the same size, 4 corners and 1 face.
    3. The purple triangle has 3 sides, 3 corners and 1 face.

    My brother looks sooo cute!!!!

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