Guess Who? Year 4 Spanish

Year 4 have been learning the names of parts of the face. They have now started to write simple descriptions of different people. 

This week we played ‘Guess Who?’ in our Spanish lesson and did really well.

Can you all have a go at the game ‘Guess Who?’ by choosing a character and writing a short description about the character. Then we will all have a go at guessing who you chose.

Here is one description by your fellow Year 4 team member!


30 thoughts on “Guess Who? Year 4 Spanish

  1. Well done to all for participating in the game but you are forgetting the key information; ‘Soy un chico’ or ‘Soy una chica’, is it a man or a woman? This will make it easier to guess along with the other clues.

  2. Thank you Ryan! I figured out the clues for the nose and the eyes but I am not sure about the hair colour. Could you tell me if the hair is blonde= rubio, black= negro, white = blanco, brown = marron, grey = gris or naranja which is red/orange hair because negotiate is an English word not a colour.

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