Guided Reading – Challenges

This week in Guided Reading we have been working towards a target of retelling familiar stories.

Can you retell the story we have been reading?

Caterpillars – Stitch the Witch

Butterflies & Bees – The Gingerbread Man

Spiders & Ladybirds – The Hole In The Hill

How have these books helped with your reading? Which sounds have you been focusing on?

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  1. Once upon a time there was a village called Hamelin. The people lived on large rocks of stone. Suddenly there was lots of rats in the village, they were eating all the corn. The Pied Piper was a man who came to the village. The king was going to pay the Pied Piper 5 bags of shining gold, but he lied.

    The king said “it’s a easy job” and that’s why he gave him less shiny gold. The Pied Piper got angry and took the children.

  2. The hole in the hill

    Once there was a small village with smiling people.It was a very lovely village with barns full of corn.Not until the rats came and they stole their corn but one day a man came and went to the king . He said I am the pied piper .The king was very impressed so he said ” If you get rid of the rats I will give you five bags of gold so the pied piper agreed. He blew lovely notes out of his pipe and the rats followed him . After he got rid of the rats he went to the king and stood there politely and said can I have my five bags of gold but the king said any fool could have got rid of the rats and he gave him only one bag of gold. But then the pied piper stole their children . The people of Hamelin was very cross so they tied the king and flung him by the river. They sent a letter to the Pied Piper so he bring the children back and got his five bags of gold. The End

    This book helped me with my vocabulary.
    We have been focusing on the split digraph o e .

  3. The hole in the hill
    The place is called hamillion,its a very peaceful place.That was before the rats came.The rats stole corn from the peoples barns.All the people of hamillion had a meeting with the King,they talked about how they were going to get rid of the rats.Suddenly….the door flung open and a strange looking man with a pipe came in,he said I am the pied piper what can I do for you.The king said please get rid of those rats I will pay with five bags of gold.Pied piper agreed and set off straight away to get to work.Unfortunately when he

  4. Witch gave her cat 3 wishes. First was fish,second milk, third bed.She gave the cat all what he wanted. Then cat went to sleep in her bed and with was very cross.

  5. The Hole in the Hill

    Once there was a quite village, the name was Hamelin. But one day a few rats came to the quite village and ate the houses because they were made out of corn. The king ordered a strange man to help him and the king said that he would give the man 5 bags of gold if he can get the rid of the annoying rats. When the Pied Piper got rid of those rats, the king only gave him 1 bag of gold so the young man got angry and all of the village children into a deep tunnel. The people got angry at the king so did something bad to him. When the people of Hamelin got their children back the king gave the Pied Piper 5 bags of gold and went into a bad mood.
    The end!

    Yes, these books have helped me because they have lots of tricky words to learn that nobody could spell. The sound that I have been focusing on is the ‘split digraph’.

  6. The book helped my reading by teaching me new words and the book is the hole in the hill.

    I have been focusing on ea,o e,o,ow sounds.

  7. The hole in the hill
    Live in hamllion was but not before the rats broke in they ate all the corn and the piped piper went to the king and said, I will pay you 5 bags of gold the piped piper played his pipe and the rats followed him across the river and the piped piper went to the king and said can I have my 5 bags of gold no said the king i tricked you so the piper was angery and played his pipe and toke the rats to the hill .
    The End
    Spiders And Ladybirds
    We have been foucssing on the ow o-e oe o digraphs

    Spiders And Ladybirds
    We have been foucssing on the ow o-e
    I have been learning the osplit diagraph

    • We have been focusing on the whole in the hill. The story uses words that have ow, oe and split diagraph sounds. Examples of these words include whole, hole mole, sole, snow and low.

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