Guided Reading in 4 White!

Who knew reading comprehension could be this fun!

Today, the children read an extract from the story ’The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S. Lewis and then their inference skills were challenged. They were asked to recreate the scene using puppets and, as they performed, they needed to showcase the characters’ feelings throughout.

And they all did a super job! Well done 4 White!

How did Lucy and Susan feel when they were watching Aslan breathe on the statue?

How did the dwarf feel once he was changed back from a statue?

How did Aslan feel after he’d freed the dwarf? Why?

4 thoughts on “Guided Reading in 4 White!

  1. 1.Susan and Lucy were shocked because Asian breathed fire out on the statue.
    2.I think the dwarf was heart touched because he got freed fro the being a statue.
    3.I think he has that feeling were you can’t stop smiling and fees impressed and proud.

  2. 1. Lucy and Susan were amazed when Azlan breathed on the stones and they turned into real-life animals.
    2. The dwarf was happy because he was freed from stone.
    3. I thought was scared because the dwarf might do something.

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