Guitar Club – week 5

Hello again.

I hope you have been having fun with your guitar.  I found that starting was the hardest part.  Once you have learnt you first couple of chords then you will find you can play all sorts of songs, and that is where the fun truely is!

This week we will recall our previous learning and learn the chord Cadd9 chord.

First off let’s see your Em and Dsus4 chords and remember to use the tips of you finger!



Good.  Now for our next chord.  The Cadd9.  Like last time, if you want to learn more about the Cadd9 chord then look here


Now try to move between the Cadd9 and Dsus4 chords.

Guitar club will not be on during week 6 so I won’t see you now until week 1 after the half term break.  Keep practicing.

To help you I have found a really good site.  Guitar Bot.  Click on the link and have a look!

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