Hadrian’s Wall

Year Three have been learning lots about the Romans this half term. Now your challenge is to research and retrieve information about Hadrian’s Wall! What will you discover? Can you answer the following questions using your research and the source below?

The Romans quickly beat the English Tribes. They then wanted to defeat the Scots. A Roman Army was sent to Scotland. It won a lot of battles but could not beat all of the Scots.

The Roman Emperor at the time was called Hadrian. He came to England to see why his army was not winning the war with the Scots. In AD 122 he told his men to built a long wall from one side of England to the other. This wall would keep out the Scots.

 The wall was 129 kilometres long and was about 3 metres high. Hadrian’s Wall was built by soldiers of the Roman Army. They later lived in forts near the wall. Their job was then to defend the Empire from Scottish attacks.


Do you think Emperor Hadrian was worried about the Scots? Why do you think this?

Why do you think Roman soldiers lived in forts that were close to the wall?

Do you think that building a wall was a good idea? Why?


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  1. Hadrian was worried because the Scots were going to take over.So they built a wall to stop them from coming they stand up above and shoot arrows.

  2. *I think hadrian was worried because he does not want the scots and pics to get England back.if they did not have the wall the scots and pics can come and fight the romans anytime.It took 14 years to build the wall.
    *The pics could brake down the wall if the the romans did not build the wall or the forts.
    *it was a good ideal because they can not have any problems with any one else.

  3. Interesting fact:
    Hadrians wall is 117 kilometres tall and it took 73 miles from the narrow neck of England to the North Sea and Irish sea too.

  4. It was a good idea because the can’t invade the Roman Empire.
    Hadrian was worried because he thought that the Scots will beat he.
    So the Pics won’t get there place.

  5. Hadrian was afraid because the picts might take over.
    The romans built forts next to Hadrians wall because they whant to protect the wall.

  6. 1.I think Emperor Hadrian did not care about the Scots and the Romans wanted to defeat the Scots. I think this because Emperor Hadrian did not like the Scots.
    2.I think the romans lived in forts so they can have fights.
    3.I think it is a good idea for Romans so people can attack the people who come near the wall.

  7. I think that hadrian was worried because he had to find a way to kill the scots.
    He build a wall called a Hadrains wall 7
    to keep the picts out of the area.

  8. I think that he is worried because they might just climb the wall and kill some of the romans and defeat them.They were close to the wall because they can keep a eye on the scottland people round about. There are lots of the forts around because they can come from anywhere. No because they can still come from any whereabouts. They can harm the pics and the pics can fight the romans because they both have a lot of army but they do not have enough protection around them so maybe they made the wall to have some protection around.

  9. I think Hadrian was not worried about the scots because he was more concerned about the romans.I think they lived near forts next to the wall so if anyone invaded Britan.Yes because it woud protect them from the picts.

  10. Scotland was never a part of the Roman Empire. The Roman armies invaded Scotland several times and even defeated the northern tribes a few times, but they never took over Scotland.He made the wall because he was afraid if the pics tribe might come and take over!

  11. I think Hadrian was worried because the scots were winning the fight against The Roman Army.

    Romans lived in forts near the Wall so they can defend it and The Roman Empire.

    It was good to build Hadrian`s Wall so the Picts and Scots don`t have another battle.

  12. I think that Hadrian was not worried because he had the wall to protect him from the pics and the Scottish people in.
    The soldiers lived in forts near to Hadrians wall because it was there job to defend the empire from the pics.
    Yes I think it was a good idea to build the wall because it would keep the scots out of there way.

  13. Yes Becuse he couldn’t defeat them instead

    They can make sure that the scots would keep out.

    Yes because the scots wanted there land so Hadrians wall will keep out the scots from their land.

  14. 1.Hadrian was worried because the scots were too powerful.
    2.They stayed close to the wall because they wanted to stop people to come in.
    3.I think yes because people can’t get passed the wall.

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