Handprint Mystery?


Why has a handprint appeared? What does it represent? Where is it? Why have I damaged a white wall? Is there a message in the form of a picture?
What do hands represent in our school behaviour policy? Why a hand? So many questions so many answers. I look forward to your responses.
Mrs Frankish

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  1. She panted her hand and put it on the wall,I think she want us to be good.
    I no why she did it because she want us all to be good.

  2. Handprint appeared, because first you have to put your hand in the paint and then applied to the wall. The message is name and surname of our Head Teacher. Mrs Frankish wants from us to be a good children,and to be a good Broad Heath citizens.

  3. It might mean stop look and listen went been told or no fighting and it might mean give five hight five it might mean be kind it might mean keep your hands to your self or listen to intriction when been told and listen trate away.

  4. I think the mystery hand print placed by Mrs Frankish is meant to stand in your way to warn or alarm you to stop you acting silly or being naughty to one another. Without this hand being placed on the wall,children or visitors would not understand so much as now. Sometimes lots of silly boys/girls would start bullying someone else around them and the person getting hurt by you beating him/her up, but suddenly the pair of boys or girls will acknowledge that Mrs Frankish is trying to make us get warned(alarmed) to use kind hands,stop look and listen when told to do so or give your best with the best of your ability etc etc.

  5. I think it represents that all of us gain and its shows politeness when we shake hands with our teachers when we meet with our teacher. It also represent symbol of Stop-Look-Listen please.

    Hand print is in front of year 5 and on the studio wall.

    Hand represent in school policy is ‘to gain’.

    Hand represent that do not disturb the class.

  6. The Mystery Hand has appeared, I think its Mrs Frankish. This sign shows she is in charge of the school and we must respect all out teachers and pupils in our school.

    The hand represents we should been on good behaviour at all times. The hand is near the Year 6 class.

    The message of the hand sign is we must follow the school rule. Stop, Look and Listen.

  7. The hand print is down the stairs on the year 6 white wall.
    I think it is for decoration because everybody in the school is going to touch it

  8. I think the hands on the wall is to show that we all are a team! This is a great way to show visitors that most of the children in the school’s classes work together.

    Another reason for the wall to be painted like this is to represent two of our rules: show respect to one another(meaning keeping your hands to yourselves and not using them badly) and taking care of the equipment (meaning not throwing pens, pencils or any other equipment around).

    In addition the incident may show that children should be careful and not damage the tables as sometimes while painting at school the children might drop paint on the tables which could leave a stain. As a result the tables will look unattractive and messy and it will not show visitors how much we care about our school!!


  9. Good afternoon Mrs Frankish. Just to chip in, some of the children i have spoken to in passing think that the hand prints represent progression because you have the smaller hand prints mixed in with larger ones. One child described it as ‘a cycle’ that goes on and on. On a personal note, I think it encompasses continuity and the fact that BH as a school works together for it’s community. :)

  10. I think the hand pint has a appeared so you do not put your dirty hands on the wall. I also think it might be sign for frendship.

    It can repersent for kidness.It can also be repersented for different things.

    It is on the bottom floor.It is near year 6 wall. :)


  11. Mrs Frankish painted her hand and put it on the white wall.
    She wants all the children to be good that is why she made that handprint on the wall.
    The pink hand might mean that Mrs Frankish is happy!
    According to our behaviour policy we should have kind hands and no pushing.

  12. The Mystery Handprint:

    The handprint has appeared to warn all students to respect others and the teachers in our school. It also means we should not damage school property and also we should not hit other children and we should be friends.

    The hand has appeared near the Year 6 class. Mrs Frankish might have damaged the wall in angry or by mistake when moving something in her offices.

    The message is we should respect broad heath school policy. The hand means we should stop, look and listen when asked to do so.

  13. I think the hand is there to remind people to shake visitors hands to show that you are respectful and also to stop look and listen when asked to do so.

  14. Me Janani and Saif have been talking. maybe the phrase ‘Many hands make light work’ has something to do with all the hands on the wall, Because as we thought about how so many people can work together to make something E.G light.

  15. I think that Mrs Frankish has painted the wall with a handprint because I think it represents Broad Heath to show everyone in Broad Heath should respect each other because one of our rules are kind hands and we are all different but everybody should be respectful and act like a team and I think that Mrs Frankish has painted the handprint Because it represents Broad Heath being a team and a big high five to show everyone in Broad Heath should respect Everyone. We are all diverse but no one should be racist and everyone should be respectful and polite! The handprint is on the wall because Mrs Frankish wants to be remembered for being a great headteacher and has damaged the white wall for when people see it, they will remember her for what she did for us and I also think about the way they talk to people and their attitude so they don’t hurt anyone physically or verbally In our school as it is in the behaviour policy.

    By rayan 6m

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