Despite the rain, Year 6 had a fabulous time at camp. Games, burgers, film and midnight chats made for a fun time! Hope you all manage to catch up on sleep over the weekend!

What was your favourite part of the camp and why?


  1. My favourite part was everything in Camp but if I had to choose 2 good parts it would be when we were walking back outside after we finished watching the film (“School Of Rock”) as it was PITCH BLACK and the play ground and the school looked HAUNTED AND VERY COOL!!!!!😈👻
    I also liked when Me,Lataya,Murran & Michelle were telling horror stories ontop of the slide!!!😈👾👽👻💀
    Thank you to the teachers and Mrs Frankish for taking their time out of the day and night to create a brilliant Camp-Over experience for everyone who went and thank you for picking me!!!! 😀😆😉✌💗

  2. I liked when we were heading outside after their film we all started screaming that there was a clown and we fell down and in three tent we got to talk.
    We were playing last to fall asleep Me and Hani won😎😎.

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