Harry Potter Rap

I hope you enjoy learning about Rap. The backing rhythms stay constant. The heart-beat remains the same TEMPO (speed) throughout and words/sentences and placed rhythmically on top. Part of the style is to repeat sections of the text in an OSTINATO fashion: often crushing short patterns and repeating them quickly over the same tempo.

Can you learn to speak/sing some of the Rap along to the video?

Mr Russell

45 thoughts on “Harry Potter Rap

  1. This is amazing! I love the fact that the tempo is slightly higher in pitch than I would expect. Some iconic phrases from a fabulous series of books.

    • Shree, I think that they are great too. Can you listen to the first one a few times and see if you can join in? Think about the use of patterns.
      Mr R.

    • Aiva, these videos are great fun. The learning point to these videos is the use of a backing TEMPO(Heart Beat)and fitting the words on top. Mr R.

    • I agree with you Christiana. The videos are enjoyable. Can you remember any of the Rap? Try using the repetitions to help memorise the rhythms. Mr R.

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