12 thoughts on “Harry Potter

  1. I liked the way the writer used synonyms and adjective in the interesting text.I also liked where the book had lots of speech in it.The writer used commas in a list.He remembed to use capital letters and full stops.

    From Kaiden and shkula

  2. I like the phrase Mrs Dursely was proud to call herself normal .I like the sentence uncle Vernon had hardly any neck because you can Imaigne easily .I also like it when the author wrote on the dull gray morning because it has a range of adjectival phrases.

  3. I like the word orsterderio because it makes me feel a bit spooked and I like the word but because there is a feeling that snatch is happening next. The reader has used readers interest a fronted adverbial she has used after that. The reader has used alipses it makes me feel what happens next.

  4. I think this captured my writers tricks because they have used relative clauses and conjuctions.
    I liked the phrase that mr Dursley is a director of a film called Grunning,which made drills.

  5. The book captured my readers interest because the author has used writers tricks such as relative clauses and conjunctions. Also the phrase I liked was Mr Dursley is the director of a film called Grunnings,which made drills.

  6. I like the vocabulary,relative clauses that the person used. I also like the part where Mr Dursley is the director of a film called Grunnings. 😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆

  7. I like the Vocabulary Relative Clauses that they have used.The phrase that I like is Mr Dursley is the director of a film called Grunnings,Which made drills.
    Inaaya and Sahrah.

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