Harvest assembly donations

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Year 4 will be holding their Harvest assembly in the upcoming weeks. As part of this assembly, we will be donating food items to support ‘Coventry Foodbank’. The donations will help support our community for people who are very vulnerable. Please send your child with donations for this charity organisations. Please bring packets of food, tins, cartons etc in the next few days. Below is a list of urgently needed items being requested from the Food Bank, so the more from that list the better! The deadline for this is Wednesday 26th September. Lets break last years record!



Year 4

25 thoughts on “Harvest assembly donations

  1. Ooh interesting I will try to bring stuff in I care about the people who come in the food bank and pick whatever in there and I care about people in need and I am so exited.

  2. I’m excited to do my first assembly in year4 and when I’m shopping I will get some tins, pasta, juice and whatever else I am allowed to put in the trolley

  3. I will ask my mum and I am really excited to do the harves assembelly because I want to learn much much more about harvest.

    I will ask if I can get some food for the harvest assembly and I love the harvest assembly so I’ll ask on Monday.

    Harun and Lakeysha

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