Harvest Challenge

Hi Broad Heath,

We will be having a harvest competition! The winners will be the class who collects the most food for the Broad Heath Food Bank.

All food must be long life (tinned/canned food, biscuits etc.) and the competition will run until Friday 3rd October.

The prize will be a whole class prize and will be worth winning!

30 thoughts on “Harvest Challenge

  1. Awww!How sweet and generouse everyone are to be sharing and caring like this!And our class were almost th winners!I want to congratulate the winners and im really happy that they are proud to donate to others.

  2. I really liked the Harvest Collection, where everyone bought some tin food and packets of food for those who need it more. I hope those who don’t have enough food will get the Harvest collection that we have done.

    Well done to everyone involved.. and well done to Broad Heath Primary School..

  3. I hope everyone who has not have food or as much as us will have loads to eat now.I also think that Broad Heath to do this challenge has worked very hard as a team with everyone in their class!!!;)

  4. i think the harvest festival will be amazing and i wish all the year groups the best of luck.I hope my class will win.I can’t wait to see what every one has brought.

  5. I find the harvest challenge really good and very helpful. The people, who will be receiving all this food, will be very delighted indeed! However, they would not be wanting 1 week’s, unfridgerated vegetables! So the people who still haven’t bought their food for the harvest competition, make sure it is tinned/long life food ; fruit, vegetables and bread may get horrible and mouldy when this food reaches the people in need of it and if they eat it they might get ill! REMEMBER not to bring food which is not long life. Good luck! ◇◆☆★ :D

  6. I wish everyone the best luck and i hope everyone jions in to be part in this competiton.Thank-you Mrs Frankish for planning such a generous competition.

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