Harvest festival assembly!

Well done to Broad Heath School as a team on the HUGE amount of food items you all brought in to donate to the Coventry foodbank! Hugh who visited us from the food bank was extremely impressed with how much we had collected and how generous we had been. Well done everyone!

The class who collected the most items and therefore won the school competition was…… 5Red! Well done 5Red, you scored 101 points (Double points for UHT Milk). You prize will be extra playtime!

Well done to Year 4 for performing the harvest festival assembly on Friday. You spoke well and you all tried really hard to learn your parts in a short space of time. I am proud of you!

What did you enjoy most about our assembly?

Why do you think the harvest festival is important? why do we celebrate it?

Here are some photos from Year 4’s assembly.



16 thoughts on “Harvest festival assembly!

  1. I enjoyed the whole harvest festival and singing the songs.
    It’s important because it is sent to the unfortunate people that need it.
    We celebrate it because at this time of year the crops get harverst.

  2. I enjoyed singing the song

    Havest festival is important because we give food to poor people.

    We celebrate harvest festival because it reminds us of the things god gives us.

  3. 1. I liked it because we could perform in it.
    2. It is important because we could give food to the poor and we celebrate it because we can care and share.

  4. Well done to everyone for all of their hard work. I am always proud to say that I am part of the Broad Heath team and the generosity that you have shown during the last few weeks is a brilliant example of why I feel so proud.
    Well done again.

  5. I most enjoyed the harvest song because it sounded really beautiful and the harvest festival is important because the unfortunate people will get what they need. Also we celebrate the harvest festival because it reminds people of the good things god gives them.

  6. Harvest festival.

    I enjoyed the story of the little red hen, I also enjoed singing the hokey kokey songs.

    Harvest is important because it the time of the year we thank the farmers for wheat, flour and other crops that they grew for us to eat.

    We collect tin food, packet food and milk and we send it to the food bank for those who are in need.

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