Has Anyone Seen Our Dragon?

This week in Literacy, 5 Blue have been learning a piece of performance poetry- Missing: Daisy by James Carter. Here is our class performance: 

What do you think? I would love for everyone to comment 2 things you like about our performance and one thing you think we could do even better.

Well done 5 Blue- I was super impressed by our performance! 

Miss Starkey 💫

22 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen Our Dragon?

  1. Two things I liked about the peformance was the actions and how everyone sang the poem. One thing that could be improved about it is that we should have done it in sync more.

  2. I really enjoyed
    One thing we could improve was everyone was on time
    Also we could improve was not saying lines to fast
    Thank you Miss Starkey

  3. Well done!
    2 good things were that everyone knew what we needed to say and we knew the correct actions.
    If we were to do this again, everyone should say the poem at the same time because some people were a little behind.

  4. I liked the way we all did our actions together.My second thing I liked was we all want together.
    We could improve because the back row were trying to catch up

  5. Well done everyone i enjoyed that so well done.

    One thing I liked about this poem that you had actions for each line.

    Second thing I liked that they were all saying it together.

    One thing they could have improved was that they went to fast so they could have slowed down.

  6. I liked that we altogether did the actions.
    Another reason is,we said it clearly.
    We could improve by slowing down a bit so the other rows could catch up with the front row and do actions a tiny bit faster.

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