Having fun creating art collages!

In year 6 we are currently working on a mini art project – completing art collages. We started of by researching who Megan Cole, she was our inspiration. Megan is famously known for her creative and majestic art collages. We discovered that Megan Cole was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s love for bright bold colours. This is what led her onto creating art using vibrant colours.

Our task was to create a collage of an animal onto a large piece of card. We were given a picture of an animal on an A4 sheet. Using our scaling skills we then replicated this image onto a large piece of cardboard. Once we had sketched out our animal we then begin the task of gathering different glossy papers in that particular colour we needed for our animals. As a team we then began to put our collages together!

Our project continues ………..

4 thoughts on “Having fun creating art collages!

  1. I am enjoying making these collages as it is giving us quite a challenge . I can’t wait to see what our final pieces look like at the end .

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