Headline News Behaviour : Summer1 Week1

“No Pupils in the Behaviour Book” : We have 560 pupils in school and there was not one person who mis-behaved last week. How good is that?Every class in school was awarded a Behaviour Brick. Well done every single one of you!

Brick Wall Team Award : It is important to remember that it is a team award with bricks awarded for – lining up sensibly, walking down the corridors without any fuss, having a 100% attendance in class, having a tidy classroom, sensible behaviour in assembly and of course, behaving well and learning sensibly as a class team as well as impressing Mrs Frankish and Miss Scott to get a Headteacher and a Deputy Headteacher Brick!.

So, what’s the Brick Wall score with the “Top 3 Class Wall builders ?”:

1st Place – Class 4T ( 11 Bricks )

2nd Place – Class 2S ( 10 Bricks)

3rd Place – Class 1S ( 9 Bricks )

The scores are as on Friday 24th April at 3.30pm when I visited all  the classes and counted the bricks. There may have been changes today! But as you can see it is very close. I wonder who can keep up the “team effort” in the class and around school ?

Keep trying hard and behaving  well everybody!


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