Health Week 6 Red

Hi Year 6,

I hope you are enjoying the first day of you holidays. As promised, here is your video of what you have learned during health week. I hope you had fun?….

  1. What did you enjoy the most?
  2. How can you stay healthy?
  3. What advice would you give a friend if they started smoking?
  4. What is your daily intake of sugar and salts

Enjoy your holidays and dont forget to revise.

See you after the holidays!!!!


15 thoughts on “Health Week 6 Red

  1. I enjoy skateboarding because I got to learn how to skateboard.
    I can stay healthy by eat,sleep,rest repeat.
    STOP because your killing your self.
    6 and 4

  2. I enjoyed learning how to skateboard with Liam as he taught us some new tricks.I also enjoyed creating a role play of smoking and showing the causes of it for example can give lung cancer.You can stay healthy by eating a variety of foods including carbohydrates,calories, sugars and fruits.If my friend started to smoke I would tell her that it would have a big impact on your life as you can get breathing problems.

  3. The thing I enjoyed the most is skateboarding because it was fun. To stay healthy you have to eat fruits and vegetables and not eat chocolate everyday. Another way to stay healthy is to do lots of exercise during the day. The advice I would give to a friend if they started smoking is that smoking can give a big impact on your lungs. We shouldn’t be eating lots of junk food that have lots of sugar and salt.

  4. 1. Health Week had many things that I enjoyed such as an assembly on how to keep healthy, making a drama to why cigarettes can affect you badly, learning how to skate, the brick wall prize and the Easter egg hunt. The thing I really enjoyed the most out of all of them was skateboarding as I learnt how to skate and I learnt some tricks to do on a skateboard.

    2. You can keep healthy by making you do the following:
    1. eating fruit and veg, protein, fats but not too much,
    carbohydrates and dairy.
    2. exercising
    3. not taking bad drugs

    3. These are the effects of cigarettes can cause lung disease, cancer and a stroke. a cigarette has nearly 4,000 chemicals which are bad for you. one of them is nicotine, this makes the cigarette addictive.

    4. We shouldn’t take too much of salt and sugar as it can cause diabetes. less then 30g is good.

  5. Sorry for responding late

    1. I enjoyed skateboarding the most because it was fun .
    2. To stay healthy exercise mut be done and having a balanced diet is eaqualy as important.
    3. If a friend of mine started smokeing i would tell them most of the risks that would accur in their lives.
    4. I have atleast a little packet of crisps and because i don’t like dry fruit or fruit bar’s ,I have raw fruit .

  6. I mainly enjoyed doing skateboarding because i don’t do it often and I’ve much better doing it. To stay healthy we need to keep a healthy diet and eat the correct balance of food.
    By quitting smoking, you are protecting those you love. Smoking not only harms your health, but it hurts the health of those around you;exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease in healthy people who do not smoke.

  7. 1.I enjoyed the skateboarding the most.
    2.By eating a variety of foods such as dairy,fibre and protein.Also you can eat one of your five a day.
    3.I would advise them to stop smoking and explain to them the consequences that can happen.
    4.Have a little bit of each.Not to much like 28grams of sugar.

  8. Continuing…
    3.If a friend started smoking, I would tell them the affects of smoking and how it can damage the body.
    This is what I will say:
    Smoking is a bad habit since a cigarette consists of more than 1000 chemicals, all of which are harmful to the body. Smoking is very addictive since a chemical called nicotine is put,meaning the smoker will find it hard to resist taking it. Once taken the cigarette, the lungs, heart and teeth will be affected therefore the smoker will have difficulties to breath, inhale and will have problems to do different activities. In addition diseases such as stroke, lung cancer, heart disease and Respiratory disease can be caused ,meaning there is a risk of death. When people smoke their lungs will harden and the air sacks(known as alveoli) will be harmed. Other than harming the body, smoking can pollute and ruin the environment.
    4.You should take about 30g of sugar a day for people aged 11 and over.
    Adults should eat no more than 6g of salt a day however children and babies should take less.

  9. In health week, I most enjoyed the skateboarding session because I didn’t know how to skateboard at first but now since I had the skateboarding session I feel confident riding a skateboard on my own.Also I enjoyed dodgeball because it was very fun and a good way of exercise.To stay healthy you have to eat a small portion of sweets,chocolate and more and your diet has to contain mostly of vegetables and fruit and carbohydrates.You have to aim for 7 portions of fruit a day and 150 ml of pure orange juice counts to your five a day.Moreover,you diet has to contain foods such as rice,pasta,bread and more.Furthermore,you also have to eat a portion of protein and dairy products.Some examples are :chicken,meat,fish,milk and yoghurt.To stay healthy you also need to do 1 hour of exercise per day to keep fit.If a friend starting smoking,I would tell them that smoking has 4000 chemicals in total-all of which are bad for you and negatively affect your lungs.You are not only damaging your own life your damaging others who walk past and you are smoking.Stop smoking before you can.For a average person the daily intake is 2.3 grams for sodium and 90 grams of sugar.Thank you Mr McCabe for all the wisdom.

  10. 1.During “Health week” I enjoyed many events and shows. All the facts I learnt were interesting, fascinating and shocking. I enjoyed how to skate board because it kept me healthy but at the same time was enjoyable and fun. Also I thought this was a great experience since skate boarding is not a sport taught very often. Another thing I enjoyed was when the lady came in to talk about how to keep healthy and fit. This show/assembly was funny at the same time educational. All the fact were new to my knowledge.

    2.In order to have a healthy body, a variety of foods must be eaten, exercise(for at least 60min) must be done and bad drugs like heroine, cocaine and weed must never be taken. In addition alcohol and smoking should be avoided as it can be very addictive and cause negative affects and problems to the body.
    1.Drugs must never be taken as it can ruin people’s cognitive development and can affect the way the brain functions. According to some research drugs like cannabis can make you happy and relaxed at times but angry and psychotic at other times. Furthermore, drugs are very addictive as they have a dangerous amount of focused nicotine; this could make the person take high amounts.

    Alcohol can be very negative to the body and can cause diseases in the heart, liver, immune system and some times can cause painful headaches. The brain will be affected in the why it works and looks leading to rare diseases.

    Most of the “Healthy plate” food must be consumed at least every day. Healthy foods include fruits and veg, carbohydrates, protein (not too much), fats(not very often) and diary products.

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