Healthy Eating in Reception White!

Today the children have developed an awareness of foods that are healthy and unhealthy.They could identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods and how often they should be eating them.Please take a look at our video showcasing what they have learnt.😊

The first five children to comment and answer the questions will win a prize!

Can you name me 5 healthy foods?

Can you name 5 unhealthy foods ?

9 thoughts on “Healthy Eating in Reception White!

  1. Unhealthy food
    * choclate
    Healthy food make you big and strong
    *milk – Adam said he going to get strong teeth as he drinks all his milk before bed
    *strawberry my favourite Adam said
    *vegetables e.g – carrots, sweetcorn and peas – I eat it at school Adam told me now I’m getting big

  2. Healthy foods:
    1.) Carrots, 2.) Bananas, 3.) Strawberries, 4.) Grapes 5.) Lemon

    Unhealthy food:
    1.) Fizzy drinks, 2.) Too many biscuits, 3.) Chocolates, 4.) Crisps, 5.) Sweets

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