Heart dissection in 6 Red!

Our Science topic this half term is Body Pump and this ŵeek we have learnt in detail about the heart. Dissecting a real heart helped us visualise the structure and function of this important organ. 

Can you answer the questions in the video? What additional information can you find out about the heart? 

11 thoughts on “Heart dissection in 6 Red!

  1. The hear is about the size of your fist.It’s important that we cut the heart probably because if we want to see the tubes and everything else they have to cut it probably.

  2. The heart is the size of your fist.It pumps 100000 times a day .It provides 2000 gallons of blood through a 60000m network of blood vessels.The heart is a little to your left
    If you eat to much fat starts to build up around the hearth.

  3. 1.A person’s heart is the size of their fist
    2.It is important how we cut the heart because we might accidently cut a vein instead.
    3.In the heart,the right side is the real left side and the left side is the real right side

  4. 1) Your heart is the size of a closed fist.
    2) It is important how we cut the heart because you could cut into one of the atriums and then blood might come gushing out.
    3) When you cut the heart open you can see the left and right atrium, you can also see the ventricles.
    Extra facts:
    Your heart is estimated to beat at least 100,000 times a day.
    If you eat too much fattening food your heart will build a layer of fat around it and you will die.

  5. 1)The heart is as large as your whole fist.
    2) It is important how we dissect the heart because if we dissect it wrong some of the blood will come out and might get in ur eyes.
    3)What you can see when u cut open the heart is that you can see the right atrium,left atrium,right ventricle,left ventricle and you can see even more blood around the heart.
    Other information:
    •The heart is the largest organ in your body.
    •Your heart pumps more than a hundred thousand times a day.
    •Your heart pumps 2,000 gallons a day.
    •The heart can still beat even when it is disconnected from the actual body.

  6. the heart is importent because caus you would be alive al the time we have looked at the sheep heart the white part shows that it aet fat this is why we need to look after are heart.

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