Hello 3 Blue!

Hi 3 Blue. Hope you are all well and safe. We are really missing you already!
Daily blogs for learning are being put on so please make sure you are accessing them. You have made such amazing progress this year so keep learning and keep gaining. I will be watching 👀!

Make sure that you stay in regular contact with us. You can post your worries, concerns or even just say hello. We miss your banter so even if you just want to tell us a joke send a message.

See you soon.

Love Mrs Khaliq and Mrs Patel

28 thoughts on “Hello 3 Blue!

  1. Hi Inaaya
    I hope you are ok and enjoying the beautiful weather. I miss you all! Inaaya say hello to Safiyah when you see her. Make sure you you learn all your spellings and times tables.
    Be happy and safe.

  2. Hello 3 blue
    My prediction was 100% correct that we’re going to 4 white but I don’t want to because I haven’t been with you for so long 😫😖😰😱😭😭😭

    • I am hoping that we will have some more time in Year 3 as I already miss my crazy class. However, the way things are at the moment it is hard to tell. So long as everyone is well and safe then that is the main thing. Stay positive, stay safe!x

  3. I do not believe I am going to be in year 4 . We only had 6 months. I think we are going to 4 white. Bye miss you Mrs Khailq and Mrs Patel.

    • Sumayyah, we do not know what is happening yet. Think positive, stay safe and be happy! You are a superstar so keep going with your learning.

      • Hi Azaan, it’s so good to hear from you. I hope you and your family are all well.
        Have you been doing the work set on the blog? I know you completed the Maths challenge, how about the English?
        How did you get on with perimeter? It is all new learning but if anyone can do this it’s definitely 3 Blue!

      • Hi Azaan,Haroon and Inaaya
        How are you all? I am missing you Azaan. Keep going on the learning blogs because I read all your comments.
        Be good and safe.

    • Hi Serina,
      As long as you are safe and well that is all that matters. All I ask is that you keep in contact with me on this blog so I know that you and your family are okay! You could even post a joke.

    • Hi Inaaya,
      I miss you and my daily hug too.
      I miss all my crazy lot in 3 Blue, you are such an amazing bunch! Make sure you work hard during the time that you are off because you have made fantastic progress. I am so proud of you!
      Look after yourself and your familyx

    • 😂 I am so happy that you are so keen to come back to school.
      Make sure you are completing the work set on the blogs Amanah.
      Keep safe and be happy!x

    • Hi Lillie,
      It is lovely to see your smiley face in school! 🙂
      We all have worries about the people we care about and everyone in 3 Blue is extremely caring. If we all follow the rules of hygiene such as washing our hands and sneezing into a tissue then hopefully we will all stay safe.
      I can’t wait until team 3 Blue are back together!
      See you tomorrow.

        • Lillie you are a superstar! I miss all the amazing children in 3 Blue also. You are a fantastic class! I miss your lovely, bright smile which lights up every room. However, I am hoping it is not too long before we are all back together. Until then you carry on doing your thing girl, keep learning and keep gaining!x

    • Hi Lawy,
      Good to hear from you. Not sure why you only messaged okay, you usually have so much to say!
      Have you completed the maths work yet?
      Hope you and your family are okay and stay safe.
      See you soon.

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