25 thoughts on “Hello from Madrid!!

  1. Hello everyone. The video was good hope you all have a great time. Missing you Mehek. It was nice to see you happy with your friends. Enjoy the rest of the week. x x x x x

  2. Even though I didn’t see your video, we all wish you a great time. I really missed everyone. It’s so quiet with you. Hope to see you after half term. Lots of love from 4A xxx. :)

  3. Miss Scott , please wish Gautam a very happy birthday from all of us hope he has a lovely day with u all HAPPY B’DAY GAUTAM …lots of love

  4. Hi devontay its mummy and daddy here, what a lovely start to your adventure,it was lovely to see you all having a nice journey.i hope your ears were ok on the plane and i hope you were not in too much pain.I hope you have a lovely day tommorrow.I hope you sleep well, missing you loads xxx

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