Helping Year 5 with their arithmetic!

Next week, some children in Year 5 will be learning how to divide fractions.

Year 6 are now experts at this; check out the video below to hear Amina, Ameena and Sara explaining how to divide 2 unit fractions.

Year 5, did the video help? Did Year 6 reason clearly about how to solve these types of problems?

Keep your eye on BHTV over the coming weeks for more arithmetic advice from Year 6.


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  1. Although we learnt this ealier in the year with Mrs McCabe,it was well explained and well presented so well done Year 6 and before I watched this video,I didn’t understand how to divide fractions but now I fully understand how to divide fractions.

  2. Thank you for the video,now I will know how to do my arethmatiics tests because the advice has been given and I will take this advice to do my arethmatiics tests.

  3. The video did help and I am looking forward to doing this in year6. Then the year 6 children explained it really well and with clear voices. I am looking forward to do this in SAT’S is well.

  4. This advice can help a lot, it was clear, simple and able to remember. This can really help in year 6.
    Final answer:10/48